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What is known about the hospitalization of Jorge “Coque” Muñiz

Jorge El Coque Muñiz did not specify what day he was admitted to the hospital (Photo: Twitter/@COQUEMUNIZ)

Last September 8, Jorge the coke Muniz He was seen in a hospital gown and sent a message to his followers not to worry about his health.

The interpreter of hits like almost always thinking of you Y In a corner of the soul He did not mention the day he was hospitalized, but explained that he is hospitalized and detailed that the various medical tests that were carried out were favorable.

His medical exams did not report any particular concern (Photo: Twitter/Coque Muñiz, Jorge Muñiz)
His medical exams did not report any particular concern (Photo: Twitter/Coque Muñiz, Jorge Muñiz)

Still, it will be necessary for the 62 year old singer still remain under observation. This is how he expressed it in his account Instagram without giving further details about the affectation he has, only showing that his medical situation was not serious and that he would probably be discharged on September 10:

“THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR MESSAGES AND SHOWS OF AFFECTION! We’re on our way out and the best thing is that the studies went well. Still a couple of days here in the hospital and absolute rest!”, he wrote on his Instagram account @coquemuniz. your post

The beloved singer wore a smile, among the comments of support they highlighted the messages of carmen mori, who wrote “Compadre!! We send you kisses and a hug. Get well soon”; the one of Monica Noguera who shared “Mi Coque get well!” and those of Jorge Donkey Van Rankinwho first asked him what had happened to him and later wrote “I hope you are fine, my brother, how is Vicaut, que ching…”.

In addition, all kinds of signs of affection could be read from their fans and admirers. Two days before Coke Muniz she had posted a photo of her daughter in which she wrote, “THIS PRINCESS IS MY GREATEST TREASURE! Stop time in your hands!”

Just over a year ago, it was Marco Antonio Muniz who had to undergo surgery, as reported by the singer’s son, revealing that it was not emergency medical care:

“He came out well from an operation that they did yesterday, my brother Antonio Carlos and Mariana were with him (in addition to) my father’s wife, Mrs. Jessica, it is an outpatient operation”, revealed during the interview with the sun rises.

At that time he clarified that The Ambassador of Romanticism He is already at home resting. “There couldn’t be many people, they just asked us to be attentive. He is already at home, it is a delicate but simple operation, because it is an outpatient procedure”, he shared the coke.

At the time, Jorge "Coque" Muñiz reported that his father was well and out of danger.  (Photo: @coquemuñiz/ Instagram)
At the time, Jorge “Coque” Muñiz reported that his father was well and out of danger. (Photo: @coquemuñiz/ Instagram)

Being an outpatient, I imagine that the doctor considers all the probabilities so that it is only entry per exit”, he explained.

“Fortunately it went very well, it is already in the house, you will have to take some special carebut blessed be God, things turned out as the doctor had planned and as the family had planned, but this had already been considered for a few weeks that it had to be done, ”he revealed during the remote link.

In addition, he narrated that he could not see his father due to healthy distance measures due to the third wave of COVID-19 infections. “What is happening with my dad, hospitals are a danger, if you have nothing to do or cannot do something for a family member, Well, it is preferable to be a little far away, contagion in hospitals is very dangerous”, said the man from Jalisco. “Coque” Muñiz shared that it was an operation that had already been planned for some time, but due to the pandemic it had to be postponed. we decided to wait Y this was the right time to do it. He is fine and very calm”, narrated to the program.


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