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What is K pop?

K-pop, kpop or Korean pop, is a musical phenomenon originating in South Korea and dominated by a group of boys and girls who perform interpretations of different musical genres. The term is synonymous with a part of the music industry that is characterized by combining western styles with pieces of indigenous music from Korea. The first well-known bands in the west appeared in the mid-1990s with bands like Seo Taiji and Boy, with a combination of different musical genres and styles, full of infectious chords and with their own and very distinctive aesthetic in video clips. This genre consists of very idiosyncratic participants called idols, who undergo strenuous physical, aesthetic, and behavioral preparation so intense that some have reported damage to their mental health.

These people have to adhere to the standards of Korean culture with beauty standards they demand: having clean skin or hair and clothing with a distinct style, these trends have influenced K-pop. There are various K-pop groups that have been trending around the world. Their style of music, fashion, choreography or cosmetics are some of the characteristics that make these groups a different, innovative and revolutionary phenomenon.

Reference from lanoticia

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