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What illness did José Luis Rodríguez El Puma have?

  • The most beloved Venezuelan singer
  • The Puma has a disease that has no cure
  • What has become of him in his private and professional life?

The Venezuelan singer, José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma”, 73, delighted the public by making an effort to sing while connected to an oxygen tank, which caused his followers to worry about his health, after the images circulate on the internet.

“I expect a miracle from Christ for my body, we are working on it, and if God allows it, I will be a few more years or I will leave soon, I don’t know,” he told the Colombian network Caracol after the presentation. And it is that “El Puma” revealed a couple of years ago that he has suffered from pulmonary fibrosis since 2000.

What is the illness that El Puma has?

What is the illness that El Puma has?

It is a chronic disease, characterized by a progressive scarring of the lungs and which makes breathing increasingly difficult. “I had a very strong crisis on a flight from Los Angeles to here (Miami)”, the singer told the Peruvian journalist Jaime Bayly in 2014.

“I was suffocating. I had no air, no oxygen”, she explained to him while presenting his autobiography, “El Puma y yo”. “There is no cure,” they assured him. El Puma, then 71 years old, claimed that he was “80% fine”, thanks to “therapies and exercises”. Aware that his illness has no cure, he said that he was not afraid of death. FILED FROM: José Luis Rodríguez Illness

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