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What happens when Queen Elizabeth II dies and what is the London Bridge Protocol?

Following the death of Prince Felipe last year and with Queen Elizabeth II, 96, struggling with health, doubts have been raised about what would happen if Queen Elizabeth of England dies, so we tell you what the London Bridge Protocol is . THIS MIGHT INTEREST YOU: Queen Elizabeth II is under medical supervision, Doctors are concerned about her health And not without reason, since the death of the monarch is considered a matter of national security. Therefore, there are royal protocols that must be followed in the event the supreme monarch dies.

Queen Elizabeth of England is the longest reigning monarch in the world. There is a whole generation of people who have never known life without him. But when the monarch dies, the protocol entitled: London Bridge is Down is started. The protocol was created in 1960 and is revised several times a year. Check out this post on Instagram. A post shared by the Windsor Royal Family (@windsor.royal.family) First, “the country is going to go into shock,” explains royal biographer Penny Juror. “His death will be a traumatic event for Britain.” Check out this post on Instagram. A post shared by the Windsor Royal Family (@windsor.royal.family). The death of the Queen’s father was called Hyde Park Tower and that of the Queen’s mother Tay Bridge. It must be notified. Later, news of the death is shared with the other 15 countries where the Queen is head of state. Also to the remaining 36 nations of the Commonwealth The agency responsible for notifying nations is the Global Response Center of the Department of State. This is at an undisclosed location in London. A notice is being posted on the gates of Buckingham Palace to warn the country. All employees will wear a black armband, which should be three and a half inches wide, on their left arm as a sign of mourning. Finally, a statement will be sent to the Press Association and other media. The major television networks will abandon their usual programs to publicize the death. The newscasters will wear suits and black ties. There will be a 10-day waiting period between the Queen’s death and her funeral. During this time, his body will remain at Buckingham Palace to allow the family to spend time together. It will then be transferred to Westminister Hall, where it will remain in state for several days to allow the public to pay their respects. The country will mark a national day of mourning, including the Stock Exchange, and Big Ben will ring at 9:00 am day of the funeral. Before the coffin arrives at Westminister Abbey at 11am, the country will fall silent. Who will succeed the Queen of England? As soon as Queen Elizabeth dies, Prince Charles, her eldest son, becomes king.

He will be free to choose his own name as monarch, but is expected to become King Carlos III. View this post on Instagram A post shared by the Windsor Royal Family (@windsor.royal.family) Charles is proclaimed king the day after the Queen’s death after his brothers ceremonially kiss his hand. King Charles is also free to choose the succession, leaving the crown to his son, Prince William, if he so chooses.

The coronation of King Charles III. will be planned months after the Queen’s funeral. Ultimately, the title of Prince of Wales would pass to Prince William should he not be elected king.

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