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What happened to Tatiana? Photos of the singer in the ambulance raise the alarm

Tatiana hospitalizada

Tatiana is hospitalized in Ciudad Juárez on an emergency basis; that happened to him.

CHIHUAHUA.— Tatiana, The one also known as “The Queen of Children” sparked concern among fans after it was revealed that it was her Hospital emergency. The singer traveled to Ciudad Juarez to offer a Christmas show.

The actress also gave details about what happened to her on her Instagram account, she even shared photos in which it is transmitted in an ambulance Towards the hospital.

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What happened to Tatiana and why was she hospitalized in an emergency?

Via your social network, Tatiana informed his fans that it was so Victim of a serious stomach infection on a flight from Mexico City to Ciudad Juarez. Because of its delicate condition, it required immediate admission to the hospital, This is how the medical service treated her and took her from the airport to a hospital in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua.

‘The Queen of Children’ also pointed out that the annoyance started because not eaten wellI was in a hurry to get to Mexico City International Airport (AICM) on time.

“Sometimes you have to run and eat the first thing you seeI had a sandwich on the way to the airport from CDMX, the entire 2 hour flight that I was on Diarrhea and vomiting“Explained Tatiana.

Local media reported that the singer they applied serum, antibiotic and other drugs to treat her severe intestinal infection immediately.

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What is Tatiana’s state of health?

Despite the complicated panorama that the singer reported, everything was a horror. Tatiana was discharged from the hospital who yes the doctors indicated the measures she should follow regarding her diet in order to heal.

“We go to the hotel to rest and go on a soft diet … at 8 p.m. it’s my show here, I received excellent care here in the hospital, they took good care of me. I’m doing well“Tatiana pointed out.

What Happened To Tatiana? Photos Of The Singer In The Ambulance Raise The Alarm - Light Home News
Tatiana unleashed the concern of her fans (IG: @official.tatiana)

The singer emphasized that, despite what many believe, the life of artists is not as glamorous as they think:

“LThe artist’s life seems glamorous, but what is behind it are things run like a kilometer with suitcases to change rooms, eat where you can and what is possible due to lack of time, sleep crooked on the road or on planes, but worth it, it’s part of the show … Everything is forgotten behind the stage to see them and to hear them sing and to feel their affection !!!! … And as I said ‘I CAN’ in my lecture, “added the interpreter, who has been with the for years children.

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