Home Entertainment What happened to Honorina’s restaurant? MasterChef Mexico winner

What happened to Honorina’s restaurant? MasterChef Mexico winner

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What happened to Honorina’s restaurant?

MEXICO.- MasterChef Mexico It’s a program that managed to convince audiences in the country. Proof of this is how the viewers are trending each of the issues and the affection they show for some of the participants.

Honorina Arroyo was recently in the eye of the hurricane, especially after various media outlets published it Restaurant was closed, assured on a few occasions that it was “dirty”. What really happened to the place? We explain.

Who is Honorina Arroyo?

Honorina was the winner of the third season of Master Chef Mexico in 2017. The woman from Tlaxcala was chosen as one of the best cooks in the famous competition.

At the end of her program, Honorina’s life of great passion continued and she opened her own Mexican antojitos restaurant.

Why was Honorina’s restaurant closed?

In July of this year, a social media publication reached by the Tlaxcala authorities went viral.

The publication with which they reported on Honorina.

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the MasterChef México Season 3 Winner She was caught dumping waste from her facility into the Zahuapan River.

The sanction caused her to temporarily close her business and allegedly pay a fine for contagion. However, that case was a few months ago and the place has already opened its doors again.

It should be noted that the restaurant was inaugurated in August 2019 and was visited by the Governor of Tlaxcala State, Marco Antonio Mena Rodríguez. Why closing the restaurant became a trend again is unknown.

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