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What happened to Amanda Bynes, alleged victim of abuse by producer Dan Schneider?

Amanda Bynes was one of the most famous child and teen actresses in the early 2000s. However, his career was severely affected after his addiction to drugs and the subsequent legal problems that this would bring.

The young woman was diagnosed with depression and bipolarity, so here we tell you what happened to her and how her psychological problems appeared.

Who is Amanda Bynes?

Amanda was born on April 3, 1986 in California, United States. she unwrapped his career around acting, driving and dubbingmaking his television debut at just 7 years old in a Nestlé commercial.

They were his father’s friendswho served as a dentist and comedian, who introduced Amanda to the world of entertainment. After a few comedy and acting camps, Bynes landed her first big break on the Nickelodeon show ‘All that show’ in 1996, which was Produced by Dan Schneider.

Amanda Bynes’s career

Behind this, the young woman would become one of the public’s favoritesso the channel along with star producer Dan would position her among the stars, even Amanda had her own show called ‘The Amanda Show’.

The list of programs and films in which he participated is extensive, although they stand out Cashbox, Rugrats, Family Guy, Robots and Hairspray.

Retirement from acting

In 2010 Amanda announced his retirement from acting, which shocked the world of entertainment. In addition, he started speculation among fans of the reason why the actress made that decision.

In the following years Amanda began to star in a series of scandals as a result of his addiction to marijuana and alcoholfor which she was arrested on multiple occasions for driving under the influence of substances, as well as without a license.

In 2013 after the last arrest due to a car incident, Amanda rreported behaving as such due to sexual abuse that suffered. The authorities immediately began to investigate, however, the experts found no evidence of such abuse.

Mental disorders

It was here that after a couple of psychological scholars She was diagnosed with bipolarity and depression. That is why her parents took her guardianship and she lost control over her life.

One of the main theories suggests that the Amanda’s emotional instability was a product of constant abuse, pressure and exploitation who suffered during his childhood from both his father and producer Dan Schneider.

In 2013, the actress published through her Twitter account a series of messages in which insinuated that she was the victim of sexual abuse by Dan, linked to a possible network of pedophilia in Hollywood, in addition, pointed out the I infer that he lived with his father, whom he described as incestuous.

Finally, In March of this year, Amanda achieved freedom by ending her guardianship after nine years, by mutual agreement with her parents, which is why the process was short, unlike Britney’s case.


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