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What happened to Alix Bauer, the Timbiriche singer who was replaced by Biby Gaytán?

Definitely, Timbiriche has been one of the musical groups that saw the birth of several Mexican artistss like Paulina Rubio, Thalía, Erik Rubín, Benny Ibarra and others. However, there are some members who after their departure, their career did not take off as expected, such was the case of Alix Bauer.

Singer Alix Bauer was one of the founding members of Timbiriche when she was eight years old Y he left their ranks to dedicate himself to his studies in 1989. His place in the group was taken by Biby Gaytánwho stood out for his talent for dance.

According to several Timbiriche fans, the most outstanding voices of the musical group were Mariana Garza, Edith Márquez and, of course, Alix Bauer, who, after working for several years in the musical group, decided to continue as a soloist and carry out other projects.

However, his career did not have the expected success, so he left the stage.having her only reappearance as a singer in the first meeting of Timbiriche in 1999, when she had an advanced pregnancy with her twins.

The reasons why Alix Bauer disappeared from the stage

Leading practically a life on stage, It is believed that one of the reasons why the former Timbiriche left her solo career it was the marriage proposal which she received from her boyfriend, Jack Derzavich.

After making her pregnancy known, the singer revealed in an interview that she was definitely retiring from the stage for her children:

“I will always miss the stage, it is a world full of fantasy, it is like putting yourself in a story, that is how it always was, but now I have other priorities, but even if one day, in a few years, we get crazy and we want to do it again, I have that possibility, to return to the stage with my friends”, revealed the singer.

Nevertheless, Despite no longer actively participating in Timbiriche, Alix Bauer has other projects such as launching a book about the musical history of the group, developing a script for a Timbiriche musical, and finally the creation of a biographical series of the group for a digital platform.

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