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what guests can be at the debut?

And it is a fact. This Saturday, September 17, the great diva of Argentine television returns to her place par excellence. Mirtha Legrand returns to the leadership of Mirta’s nighton the screen of El Trece, to continue making history.

On Sunday 18, his granddaughter, Juana Viale, will take charge of the emblematic Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand, who at least this week will be renamed La mesa de Juana.

After comings and goings, various rumors that this year there was going to be no program and even channel changes, StoryLab -the producer of Nacho Viale– confirmed that it will keep both drivers, a combo in which Chiqui will contribute her experience and career and Viale her freshness and spontaneitytraits that allowed him to win the Martín Fierro “Best Job in Female Driving” in 2021.

“After a great effort, we managed to put the program back on the air with a lot of sacrifice, work and predisposition from all parties,” said the general director of StoryLab after sealing the agreement with eltrece.

Grandmother and granddaughter, in a combo of different styles.

Grandmother and granddaughter, in a combo of different styles.

The only thing missing was the confirmation of the debut date of both cycles, which will have a completely new studio and 360 degree scenery that will provide an immersive experience for the public, so that the audience feels part of the tables.

Wow factor and guest rumors

Now it remains to be seen who the guests will be, both The night of… -Saturdays at 21.30- as of Having lunch with… -Sundays at 1.45pm-, since it will be played week by week with the “surprise factor”.

The diners will be defined according to the different events and dynamics of the country, as well as it will also change which driver takes charge of each cycle, based on the agenda of both. “Either of the two can take the baton on weekends,” reported the official statement from the production company.

The opening weekend is the exception, because it is already known that on Saturday it will be Mirtha’s turn. Since that confirmation, rumors began about who can get to sit with Chiquita.

in the cycle Authentic Polino (Radio Miter), Amalia Granata said that the first confirmed for Mirta’s night are Puma Rodríguez, L-Ghent and Florencia Peña.

In the program It’s over there (America), the journalist Guido Záffora assures that one of the guests will be Camila Homsthe model, influencer and ex-wife of the soccer player of the Argentine National Team Rodrigo De Paul.

Others take it for granted that cycle output decided to start this season with Mirtha and a face-to-face interview. In this potential dynamic two names sounded: that of the former president of the Nation Mauricio Macriand that of Jorge Lanata, who a few days ago announced the end of journalism for all (PPT).

Will this table from March 2020 be reissued, pre-quarantine, between Mirtha and Lanata?

Will this table from March 2020 be reissued, pre-quarantine, between Mirtha and Lanata?

But, as has already been said, the mystery will be a fundamental part of the program’s strategy to attract more viewers in this rating duel with PS: Can we talk? (Telephone). For this reason, the invited figures remain under strict secrecy.

Another novelty: the call in networks

One of the surprises that this year’s cycles will have is the call on social networks that the diva and her granddaughter launched through the Twitter and Instagram accounts @lamesazaargwhat for followers have the chance to participate in the tables.

At the time of the launch, Mirtha shared a video on her Twitter account: “I’ll wait for you at the #mesaza! Everyone can participate,” said the diva.

“They have to have a story to tell. Networks have become a means of communication so there may be a lot to match there”, explained Juana Viale in another video of the new account.

The idea is that through the hashtag #quieroestarenlamesaza, users share short stories and tell why they deserve to sit next to grandma or granddaughter.

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