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What does Werevertumorro mean? Gabriel Montiel explains it

Gabriel Montiel earned the nickname ‘Werevertumorro’ thanks to his YouTube channel, in which he gained millions of followers thanks to his vlogs, skits and other content that ‘clicked’ with the audience, launching him to fame.

However, not everyone knows the true meaning of the nickname or why he chose it as the name of his channel, and this clarified in a recent interview with the acclaimed presenter Yordi Rosado.

According to Montiel, everything was born after the YouTube channel began with the Wereverweroand they created it to use it as a place where could store their work and be able to show it to agencies.

“The name of Wereverwero was forced by the people to put it that way because the channel was called ‘Werevertumorro’ (…) I wasn’t Werevertumorro, I was Gabo from the channel and the güero from the channel; however, I start to do, people start to see me, to see me on the video blogs (and they start to say) ‘Werever, Werever’, and that’s it, it was worth m*dr*, and now I am the ‘werever’“he clarified.

However, the selection of the name was a bit less curious but ended up being effective and completely memorable for a generation that grew up with YouTube. He relates that they took an English-speaking expression that was popular in the north and simply wrote it as it sounded in Spanish.

“Once we were like wanting to create the channel, and we created the channel because it was like our video library,” he says. “Right now there is USB and so on, with a lot of capacity; but before it wasn’t that, the USB was very limited, the videos were very heavy,” she says.

Because of this, they decided to start uploading their videos to the internet and “at some point in life” show their content and their library. As for the name, they chose it because of a buzz phrase in Ciudad Juárez, where Gabo lived, which was ‘whatever tomorrow’, which means “Whatever tomorrow”.

“It was like ‘there we whatever tomorrow‘ and as I said to the güero ‘whatever, hey whatever tomorrow’, he told me one day ‘and how do we put the channel?’, Well, put ‘whatever tomorrow’ on it, how do you write it?, he asks me; Well, just as it sounds, dude, boom!“he counted.

Also, Gabo denied that the name is due to the song ‘Drive’ by the band Incubus, which says “whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there”, as some internet sources point out or because they refer to him as “un morro”, a word used to refer to a male.


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