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What does the post-credits scene of the extended version of Spider-Man: No Way Home mean?

After several months and some divided opinions, the extended version of Spider-Man: No Way Home has arrived in theaters. Mexico was one of the countries selected to be able to enjoy this film that has 11 extra minutes of plot.

From the beginning it was made clear that this new film would not have scenes that affected the plot of the original film and its premiere was for pure entertainment. As is normal in Marvel productions, this version has a post-credits scene, here we explain what happens in it and what it means.

Please note that this text contains spoilers for the new film.

The post credits scene Spider-Man: No Way Home The more fun stuff version shows a bit more context of how Dr. Strange’s spell works at the end of the movie where he erases Peter from the minds of everyone in the universe.

The scene shows Betty Brantt giving her latest news capsule on the school news. where he narrates how his trip through Europe was, the conflict of Mysterio and everything that had already been shown in the previous films of the arachnid superhero.

The only detail of this film is that the archive images show Ned, MJ, Betty but noor there is no trace of Peter Parker implying that any record of him was removed not only from his memory, but also from anything that could cause him to be remembered.

Tom Holland

There is still no news of what is coming for the Marvel universe in this new phase. At the moment there are some series of superheroes but it seems that none intervenes directly with the plot of the story. Surely Peter will find a way to make everyone remember him in his new film.


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