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What does Shakira and Gerard Piqué’s birth chart say?

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Much has been said about Shakira and Piqué since they officially announced their separation after eleven years of relationship and two children, but what does the birth chart say about the ex-partner?

Shakira and Piqué have been a trend since Spanish media leaked the footballer’s possible infidelity that would have caused his split from the Colombian singer. The couple later confirmed their split in a joint statement, without giving any further details on the reasons.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué have two children, Sasha and Milan. It might interest you: Official! Shakira and Piqué confirm their split after 11 years together The Aquarius Horoscope Argentinian newspaper Clarin consulted an expert who checked the ex-partner’s horoscope. Astrolink’s Rafel Parigi revealed:

“In such a marriage, we can envision strong opinions and beliefs that are discussed with passion, that can generate more attraction and unity or push the boundaries because they are two strong personalities,” Parigi also revealed that Shakira is more sensitive and fraternal than Gerard Piqué: “Shakira has the Moon in Cancer, which gives her a much more emotional and brotherly aura than Piqué, with his Moon in Aries, nurturing his passions and willpower (and it’s no wonder he’s so great athletes, right?). In a relationship, this can show a much more sensitive side of the Colombian artist than the Spaniard, who may have different emotional needs apart, which would mean a strong union of their sign. The singer is Aquarius with Aries ascendant and Piqué with Sagittarius ascendant. Two fire signs that show great intensity of emotions, two determined people who chase their dreams, they are independent, autonomous and can be explosive in some situations. A few days ago, the portal 20minutos assured that the singer wanted to return to her husband twice, but he was the one who did not want to resume the relationship because he considered it already over.

The former couple has not yet confirmed the reasons for their split.

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