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What does Lali Esposito have to be the new TV diva

Unlike soccer, divismo does not have an expiration date. No dates to open or close a pass book. With which, you can be a diva, or stop being, at any time. There is no age limit to hang up the boots. But you do have to have several kilometers traveled. Divas are not built by a Abra Cadabra. The thing with Lali Esposito, by the way, was not magic.

Although it is a title that has a lot of symbolic and nothing academic, that of diva is a stellar label that until now was monopolized by the tandem Mirtha Legrand & Susana Giménez. Far from polarizing them, the label unites them and empowers them. In the show in general, that duo could be added Moria Casan either Nacha Guevara. But, on TV, the thing is between one and the other. Or was.

And, now, just as Nacha once sang, Lali could sing that “We are much more than two”. But that surely wouldn’t come out of her mouth, unless her ego played tricks on her. because beyond being the queen of nonchalance and blowing down a wall of prejudice, there is something simple that suits you. Something from the neighborhood that pairs with their sequined suits. Or her jogger. What you paint

6 years ago, Susana and Lali.  Did the transition begin?

6 years ago, Susana and Lali. Did the transition begin?

Neither a total diva nor a femme fatale

To such an extent he would not proclaim himself “the new TV diva”which at the end of May launched Divaa theme -she is the co-author and the performer- that says, with high doses of mischief, irony and sincerity:

“I’m all the diva I thought I was going to be / I dance like Britney and dress like Cher / Even if I have money that won’t define me / Because before I had all that I already felt like that, eyy”.

“A dream diva, who can blame me? / Egyptian silk in bed / Crystal heart / An adored goddess / An earthly plane / I live on superstar lifestyle looks.”

And in four words, somewhere in the hit, sentence, “How hard to be me”donning the gold suit he chose to film the clip. Only she will know how much truth there is in that little piece of divan testimony. For now, one imagines her carrying herself with more ease than difficulty.

smell that scent in the interviews, in his returns as a jury of La Voz argentina (Telefe), in his networks, in his walk, in its spontaneity.

Lali in a Disciplina Tour show, in Montevideo.  AFP.

Lali in a Disciplina Tour show, in Montevideo. AFP.

If Susana says so…

With almost 20 years on the job -he debuted at 11, in Light Corner– and an interesting acting training in the hotbed of Chris Brown and in Polka studies, stomps on traditional TV, streaming, music, movies, in Argentina, in Spainwherever you step.

In that go forward she’s not one to wear everything. He has tools, a sense of location, self-confidence and grace. As the sugar packets would say, Lali is angelada.

Official video of “Diva”, by Lali Esposito

Video of Lali Esposito

“You are next. Shining is born, my love”she says Susana told her at this year’s Martín Fierro Awards.

There is, in Mariana -just as it appeared in the credits of her first works- some of Susana’s charisma and seduction and much of Mirtha’s discipline. In fact, the tour without borders -and almost without respite- that began on June 23 and will end who knows when (and where) is called ‘Discipline Tour’. It is the fifth of his solo stage.

In the middle he makes stops in The voicereality that turns it into trending topic during the broadcast and until well into the morning. And on account of everything: for their looks, their phrases, for going beyond what is politically correct, for teachings without apron or pointing fingerlike this Monday: “This is life, Papetti. To you, who are 18 years old, I tell you… It’s to vary, it’s to search, it’s to find who you are”.

Two former Teen Angels kissing: China Suárez and Lali Espósito, on stage.

Two former Teen Angels kissing: China Suárez and Lali Espósito, on stage.

Barely 12 years older than Iván Papetti, a participant in the Team Mau and Rickya whole character of the program, explained to him why it was worth taking risks with his Mambo No. 5.

is that Lali It is more of those that encourage than those that indoctrinate. That makes the difference. Four months ago, in a hand in hand with Clarionon account of the fact that he was going to lead the ceremony of the Platinum Awards in Madrid, he confessed that “At 30 years old I defined what kind of woman I am. I don’t need to lie.

the queen of the hat

For such a decision, it is key that she knows how to laugh at herself, laugh at her tracking shots, as she describes the kisses on the mouth that he gives to whoever he wants and when he wants: in a cut, to a woman, to a man, to two men, in a show, in a bathroom, to an actress in the delivery of the Martín Fierro with the certainty that the camera was on them…

The kiss of Lali and Diego Poggi, in a cut of the progorama.  Video capture.

The kiss of Lali and Diego Poggi, in a cut of the progorama. Video capture.

And there goes Lali, with su crowd of followers: on Twitter alone he has 6,832,000. There he gives an account of the record time in which his shows are sold out, of his funny pictures made on video, of the admiration of him by colleagues such as Ricardo Darín or Peter Lanzani in his successful navigation through the waters of Venice.

It’s makes her a fan and queen of her own fandom. returns it star and neighbor. Perhaps something of the renewal on the screen will appear out there.

she likes glamor to shine from time to time and she also likes mud, but just to get splashed. She escapes the media mud, and that they have tempted her with invented loves, infidelities and comparisons.

Mirtha returns to El Trece in a few days, and Susana to Telefe, who knows when and with what format. Meanwhile, Lali is on screen and the channel is trying to get him to stay once La Voz shuts up. Can be a musical or a conduction. For now nobody planned fiction.

Lali is the most "clown" of the jury of "La Voz".  And in the living she shines from the surprising.

Lali is the most “clown” of the jury of “La Voz”. And in the living she shines from the surprising.

It is clear that drives new generations to the small screen, push limits, break old molds. And especially breaks yours. And he follows her half the world.

For the Royal Spanish Academydiva -among other meanings- is a figure of the entertainment world “Who enjoys superlative fame”. And, if the RAE says so and Lali sings it in her hit, one more plate will have to be put on, maybe without much ceremony and protocol around the table.

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Reference from clarin www.clarin.com

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