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What does Avicii mean and why did the DJ use this stage name?

This September 8 Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, would be 33 years old. In his short but successful career, the DJ managed to get many to dance and sing his songs that reached the top of the popularity charts. Unfortunately, the successful musician died a few years ago.

Tim Bergling, who passed away on April 20, 2018 at the age of 28 in Oman, Macate, Without a doubt, he was one of the DJs who marked many with songs like Wake me up or Hey Brother, and although he died four years ago his legacy continues, however, Many wonder what Avicii means, his stage name.

Four years after his death! We tell you the real reason for Avicii’s death

The origin of the stage name of the Swedish DJ comes from a friend of Tim, who told him about Avici, a term that in Buddhism represents the lowest level of hell, in which it is believed that people who have committed major sins can be reborn.

After learning the meaning of the term, the young man decided to use it as his MySpace username, a social network that became very famous in the early and mid-2000s and was used mainly by musicians, however, this user already existed, so the GM decided to add one more “i” to it, so it became Avicii.

With the years, Tim Bergling managed to break into the world of electronic music with his stage name: Aviciia short nickname that almost anyone could remember.

The music he created also took him to world fame, not for nothing his first album, True, became a success, it also contained songs like You Make Me, Addicted to You, among others.

Despite having a successful career, the DJ announced in 2016 that he was retiring from the stage due to health problemswhich were related to stress.

At the age of 28, Tim died and although the cause of his death was initially unknown, time later it was revealed that the musician had committed suicide.


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