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What Carolina Ross said before singing in the Canelo fight

  • She is the young woman who sang the National Anthem in the Canelo Álvarez fight
  • These were his statements before going on stage
  • Who is Caroline Ross?

Carolina Ross Canelo: Without a doubt, last night was quite intense for Canelo when he faced Golovkin, but one of the things that attracted the most attention for several days was that the Mexican boxer gave the opportunity to a young talent that is just beginning his career.

Carolina Ross is the new promise of Mexican regional music, and the Tapatio gave her the opportunity to sing the Mexican National Anthem, which was applauded by many, as it gave a new artist the opportunity to make herself known even more, these were his statements before experiencing tremendous event.

What did Carolina say before singing the National Anthem?

Carolina Ross Canelo

Through his stories on Instagram, where the young promise of the Mexican regional has more than 1 million followers, he made clear some words of thanks to Canelo for giving him the opportunity to appear on stage representing him.

“Hello hello family, today we are going to fulfill a dream all together. Thank you very much to everyone who accompanies me here today daily, for believing in this life project. We really want it and well, family, before the event begins, they throw a little persinadita, light a candle because today Mexico wins, today Canelo compa wins!, Said the singer. Filed Under: Carolina Ross Canelo

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