Home Entertainment What are the audience’s favorite movies this winter break?

What are the audience’s favorite movies this winter break?

What are the audience's favorite movies this winter break?

premiere of Space Jam 2: A New Era It helped that the weekend that saw the start of the CABA and the Greater Buenos Aires winter holidays saw a quantitative jump in viewership.

Although winter holidays began in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the Province of Buenos Aires, boys were already on school leave in many provinces, and viewership reflected this.

Everything helped. Last Saturday, the match in which the Argentine national team was crowned the champion of America lost to the spectators. And also, now the efficiencies in CABA have increased from 30% to 50%, so the figures will increase. But this was not done on weekends. In the GBA they have just announced that it will be 50%, but only on Monday, 26 July.

Space Jam 2: A New Era, With Lebron James (Animated Here, And In The World Of Looney Tunes).  Photo Wb

Space Jam 2: A New Era, with LeBron James (animated here, and in the world of Looney Tunes). photo wb

Looney Tunes, a combination of Warner Bros. cartoons and James LeBron led Space Jam 2: A New Era From Thursday to Sunday, it will be kept as the favorite film of the public. The Los Angeles Lakers went on to “co-star” Bugs Bunny, The Road Runner, and Rooster Claudio, along with other characters in this sequel to the original film released 25 years earlier with Michael Jordan (and Bugs Bunny). It was viewed by 91,245 viewers. see review

Scarlett Johansson As Black Widow.  Photo Marvel / Disney

Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow. photo marvel / disney

seconded it Kali Mai, which had topped the box office a week ago when it was released. Although the Marvel film also premiered on Disney+ (at an additional cost of $1,050), Scarlett Johansson’s departure to the Marvel Cinematic Universe was watched by 80,755 people. And this adds up to 294,806, in 11 days on the bill. Figures are provided by comScore. see review

John Cena, As Jacob Toretto, Yells At His Brother Vin Diesel.  He Would Have Seen  Photo Uip

John Cena, as Jacob Toretto, yells at his brother Vin Diesel. He would have seen Photo UIP

was located third fast and furious 9, which also passed by Friday Kali Mai. The film, starring Dom Toretto’s younger brother, played by John Cena, sold 76,828 tickets. Released four weekends ago, it has already garnered close to 700,000 viewers: 684,999. see review

&Quot;The Purge Forever&Quot;, The Fifth In The Saga And For Those Over The Age Of 16.  Photo Uip

“The Purge Forever”, the fifth in the saga and for those over the age of 16. Photo UIP

Thursday’s another novelty hit higher, although the three highest were seen. it was forever pure, the fifth installment of the horror and action saga. It was viewed by 51,636 people. see review

Another Animated, &Quot;Los Cruds 2&Quot;, Became The Most Viewed.  Photo Clarin Archive

Another animated, “Los Cruds 2”, became the most viewed. photo clarin archive

was the fifth The Croods 2, which as a subtitle is similar to space jam 2: a new era. Already released three weeks ago, the animated feature has racked up 41,161 tickets over the weekend, and since its premiere, 178,190.

&Quot;The Conjuring 3&Quot;, In Theaters And On Hbo Max.  Photo Wb

“The Conjuring 3”, in theaters and on HBO Max. photo wb

Mantra: Satan tempted me to do this, which is available at no extra cost on HBO Max, was in sixth place. It was viewed by 27,487 viewers. Since its premiere six weekends ago, it has sold 355,955 tickets. see review

&Quot;Cruella&Quot;.  In The Photo Emma Stone And Mark Strong.  Disney Photo

“Cruella”. In the photo Emma Stone and Mark Strong. Disney Photo

And from there…

… we can talk about a debacle. Because titles that complete the top ten don’t reach 10,000 viewers: not even 5,000. Cruella, which is also available without additional payment from Friday through Disney+, sold 4,330 tickets, and had a total of 125,483 on Billboard in its nearly 8 weeks, ranking it seventh. see review

&Quot;The Truth&Quot;, With Deneuve And Binoche.  Photo Mako Cinema

“The Truth”, with Deneuve and Binoche. photo mako cinema

was the eighth truth, drama by Hirokazu Kore-eda with Catherine Deneuve and Juliette Binoche (843 entries, but in 8 screens). see review

Say &Quot;Rae And The Last Dragon&Quot;, In The Top Ten.  Photo Disney.

Say “Rae and the Last Dragon”, in the Top Ten. photo disney.

Ninth, another one from Disney, Raya and Last DragWith 275 spectators, and 125,593 tickets since its premiere 20 weeks ago, Cruella makes it a day pass. see review

Frances Mcdormand Won The Best Actress Oscar For &Quot;Nomadland&Quot;.  Photo: Disney

Frances McDormand won the Best Actress Oscar for “Nomadland”. Photo: Disney

And the Oscar winner closed the Top Ten Nomad, which attracted 215 viewers in just two screens, and a total of 11,156 viewers. see review