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Werevertumorro remembers his failed soccer career; “I was failing”

Gabriel Montiel he has never hidden being a football fanatic, in fact, he explains that since he was 6 years old the famous ‘Werevertumorro‘ intends to be a professional footballer. However, he never had the opportunity to debut in a professional first division team.

In an interview with Yordi Rosado, the content creator recalled his dream and his stay in the basic forces of some important teams, where he finally he realized that he would not be a professional footballer.

As my brother is eight years older than me, the truth is that he did play much better than those of my age“, he relates. “I did not stop training from the age of six to 18, I was interested in being able to be a professional and I tried until I could,” he adds.

After this, he was in the basic forces of Pumas, América, Cruz Azul and finally in Indios de Ciudad Juárez, however, that’s when he realized he couldn’t make it.

“They ran me,” he says. “Like work, man, they already kicked me out of there, I’m going to look for a job with the compas, and it was ugly, but you know what? I think this tans you very c * br * n“.

“I spent my time failing,” he adds. “The cracks are three, and the others well out there and they are getting better or also the physical. Many times the high there are considered high, even if they are bad, there they are“.

But it was his experience at the age of 18 in Indios de Ciudad Juárez when he gave up, after told that he had no chance in “one of the saddest moments” he had in his career.

We finish the training, the assistant calls me, says ‘what the hell?, can you come?’; he tells me ‘you have no ability, you have no physique, we can’t register you here or in second, so, thank you very much, then we’ll talk to each other’“.

After this, Gabriel went to the dressing room wondering what to do and assures that he had the opportunity to try his luck in the second or third division due to his age; However, he assures he left it at that time and began to study.

“I once had a test in Chivas, I said ‘I can’t even be a soccer player, how do these c*br*n*s play’ (…) I can’t be a soccer player, these guys are superior in absolutely everything.”

It was until 2014 that Werevertumorro returned to professional football, when, together with the content creator Isra, he was hired by the Murciélagos clubwhere he played a few minutes.


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