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Were scenes from Stranger Things re-edited after being released? Authors respond

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It’s been weeks since the fourth season of stranger thingsthe popular Netflix series that broke audience recordsAy is one of the most viewed in the entire history of the platform. Thanks to this success, fans continue to talk about her on social networks.

It is very common for fans of series or movies to find small details in the continuity or that escaped the production, it happened recently with the movie jurassic-park where they discovered the person who manipulated one of the dinosaurs.

Well stranger things was not left behind, unlike other productions, the Duffer brothers recognized having digitally altered the special effects in previous episodes, hence the rumor began on social networks that scenes had also been re-edited.

One of the scenes that was talked about the most and that is causing the most controversy is about one that occurs in the first season episode 2 in which Jonathan Byers takes a picture of Nancy Wheeler while she is getting dressed.

Theories claim that this modification was made to maintain a more innocent image in Jonathan and eliminate a moment that could generate controversy. Faced with this wave of theories and comments on social networks, one of the official accounts on Twitter clarified the doubts.

The Twitter account: Stranger Things Writers Room, which is dedicated to answering questions from fans, clarified that the scene had not been modified.

“No scenes from the previous seasons have been cut or re-edited. And they never will be,” they wrote.. A user of the social network did not want to remain in doubt and asked directly about the scene: “So does that also account for the scene of Jonathan spying on Nancy in S01, as many people think?

official account only answered: “Yes”.


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