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“We’re done with Fast & Furious”


Today dwayne johnson Hollywood megastars. He stars and produces Jungle Cruise, which just recently released in theaters and via streaming on Disney+ at an additional cost, is the movie I interviewed you for.

Ten years ago, Dwayne was already a Hollywood star. Mega, not now. If he had made his film debut as the Scorpion King mummy comes backIn 2001, he continued his career in action films and comedies. already scorpion king (2002) charged US$5,500,000. That agent is 23 in. Was super agent 86, with Steve Carell, starred angel by accident, and when they called him to join the saga of fast and furious, I have no doubt.

But Dwayne Johnson (49) and Vin Diesel They did not get along at all during the filming of (54) films fast and furious that they filmed together. The Rock joined as Luke Hobbes Fast and Furious 5ntrol (2011), and then appeared in the sixth, seventh and eighth, and even starred in the spin-off hobbs and shaw, with Jason Statham.

Hands In The Street  Another Scene From The Movie Where They Meet... And Get Into A Fight.  Photo Clarin Archive

Hands in the street Another scene from the movie where they meet… and get into a fight. photo clarin archive

For the latter, Johnson collected the $20 million that A-list stars typically earn, and in many cases, one cent from box office earnings.

Vin Diesel in the saga of Dom Toretto fast and furious, is his producer, and he antagonizes Dwayne, saying that he had to do a lot with him to get anything good out of his performance…

“Hobbs was a difficult character to embody. My focus at the time was Tough Love to help bring the performance where it had to be,” explained the actor who was one of the soldiers Saving Private Ryan, by Steven Spielberg, in his early days as a film actor.

Every Man For Himself.  Johnson & Diesel.  Photo Clarin Archive

every man for himself. Johnson & Diesel. photo clarin archive

“As a producer I said, ‘Okay, we’re going to have Dwayne Johnson, who’s involved in wrestling, and we’re going to force this film world on audiences to see his character, which they Don’t know: Hobbes.” Continuous.

“I’ll do whatever it takes to get performance in whatever I’m producing.”

discussion and fight

When the fight took place on social media, Johnson beat her to death. He has more followers (257 million) on Instagram and 72.5 million more on Diesel. And as for luck. The first is said to have US$400 million, and the second, barely US$225 million.

Faced.  They Not Only Used To Argue, But Also Gave Importance To The Matter.  Photo Clarin Archive

faced. They not only used to argue, but also gave importance to the matter. photo clarin archive

There are rumors that in the filming of Fast and Furious 5ntrol They not only argued, but also beat up. And Johnson tweeted “Some behave like strong men and true professionals, while others don’t.”

So my last question from Dwayne Johnson was on this very topic.

With Jason Statham In &Quot;Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw&Quot;.  Photo Clarin Archive

With Jason Statham in “Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw”. photo clarin archive

“My last question is for you, Dwayne.” Are you going back to the “Fast and Furious” saga?

– If I plan to return to “Fast and Furious”?


-No, I will not. I clarified this a few weeks ago. I had some great conversations with some people that I needed to have those conversations… so I know it won’t happen. fast and furious 10 Or Eleven Or something for me. But it was an incredible race. and yes we are with Fast and Furious…