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Wendy Williams says she won’t watch Sherry Shepherd’s show, claims she only has $2 because money is frozen

Wendy Williams says she won't watch Sherry Shepherd's show, claims she only has $2 because money is frozen

'The Wendy Williams Show' host talked about her plans to return to TV and her financial troubles.

Wendy Williams is giving an update on her life. Over the weekend, the 57-year-old talk show host Spoke on Instagram Live with Fat JoeAnd opened up about his current finances as well as standing with Sherri Shepherd, who is set to handle his schedule in the fall.

“I love everyone who hosts it,” Williams said of the guest hosts who are filling in for her. The Wendy Williams Show During his extended absence, which includes Fat Joe, Remy Ma and Shepherd. “But if I only had one person, I’d wish you [Fat Joe] Did only that. always. And then I come back and whenever I want to fly somewhere else for a while, you do it again. I love U 2 [Remy Ma]Or just him or just you.”

During the conversation, Fat Joe asked Williams if he had plans to return. The Wendy Williams Show And reclaim your spot as the conversation queen of the day before the show ends. “Absolutely, absolutely,” she told the rapper.

As if she’d tune into Shepherd’s daytime talk show, SherryWhich will premiere this fall The Wendy Williams Show Officially ends, Williams says no.

“I like her, but I won’t watch her because I know what she’s going to do and it’s not really my thing,” Williams said. “Anyway, but I love being on my show and I love that people like to watch it all the time.”

In addition to her absence from TV, Williams shared that she is grappling with financial troubles and claimed she only had two dollars to her name.

“I know what kind of money I have,” Williams said of her finances. “Unfortunately, I only have two dollars and nothing else. Everything has frozen and some people are involved and so that’s what I’m doing right now.”

Williams did not elaborate on the matter, although she did note that as a result of the freeze of her accounts, her son, Kevin Hunter Jr.’s money was also frozen, and she was unable to take care of him. his family. The host said she has people to help her with “essential things” like eating out and getting her out of the apartment when she wants to.

Williams, who is in an ongoing battle with Wells Fargo over the management of his money, assures Fat Joe that he has people handling the problem. “I found people who would get it done, they would get it done,” he told her. “That’s why I don’t feel like I’ll be gone. I’ll get bigger and bigger and bigger. Maybe I talk about it while I’m doing my show. Maybe when I’m having sweets I’ll talk about it.”

Williams’ interview comes days after she was seen attending the Met Gala after-party at the Standard Hotel in New York City Hollywood Open Founder Jason Lee.

Last month, Williams also enjoyed dinner at Fresco by Scotto in NYC, and an eyewitness told ET that the conversation included the TV personality discussing her return to television, as well as her ongoing financial battle with Wells Fargo. .

“The restaurant’s co-owner, Rosanna Scotto, gave Wendy a warm welcome and the people there were excited to see Wendy outside,” an eyewitness told ET. “She looked great and looked great. Outside the restaurant, fans were shouting, ‘We love you, Wendy!'”

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