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Wendy Williams focused on ‘starting new chapters in her life’ after show ending, says source

Wendy is at peace with Williams The Wendy Williams Show is ending after 13 seasons, and it all has to do with the fact that he’s ready to turn the page and start a new chapter.

A source told ET that, at this point in time, the 57-year-old media personality is “ok with whatever has happened with the show up to this point.” The source also says that Williams is “extremely happy and focused on new beginnings and is in the most amazing position in life.”

As for why she feels she is in the most amazing position in life, the source tells ET that Williams “knows she doesn’t have to work another day in her life if she chooses not to.” Right now, Williams looks forward to “starting new chapters in her life by diving into new business endeavors, investing, continuing her health journey, her family, and other big deals.”

Williams’ biggest focus right now is on Williams.

Says the source, “Wendy wants to fall in love and knows that’s exactly what she wants after dedicating 37 years of her life to radio and television.” “She wants everything she wants and is eager to get exactly what she wants.”

Williams recently revealed during an interview with TMZ Live that she struggles with lymphedema – a condition that causes swelling in the arms or legs due to blockage of the lymphatic system. Due to a medical condition, Williams claimed she could “feel only five percent of my legs.” She also revealed that she is “100 percent retired”. The Wendy Williams Show And she’s more interested in starting a podcast, or even a line of sneakers, for people suffering from the effects of lymphedema.

Williams said the only way he would return to daytime TV hosting is if it’s a guest hosting gig, adding that the podcast venture could prove more lucrative than going back to full-time television.

The Wendy Williams Show After running for 13 years, its last episode aired on 17 June.

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