War Of Likes Review : ​WIn the vibrant virtual world of social media, does one really have true friends?

Plot: in a world where social media presence is evaluated with criteria that include the number of likes and followers, a woman struggling to make a mark in the world of advertising is forced to meet her friend from the school he has distanced himself from, who is a social media influencer.

Rachel needs to be a part of the core team at her workplace and interestingly what will get her there is if she has around 10,000 followers on her social media page. With this seemingly impossible task ahead of her, Rachel is determined to make the cut, and to do so, she hopes to reconnect with her high school friend Cecy, who is a social media sensation.

Cecy is high society, elite and all things perfect and worthy of establishing. He has a couple million followers and distrusts the people he hangs out with; They also have to be fit-worthy and not just any person trying to grow their own following just by posting a weird picture with celebrities like her. .

Rachel and Cecy share an interesting past, filled with the basis of the same judgments on which a social media presence is based. While the two get along as friends, Cecy dumps Rachel because she’s not cool enough to be seen hanging around. This victim of judgment becomes a person who still can’t help but feel victimized as she is relegated to the back bench with every assignment at work.

And to change all this, Rachel reconnects with Cecy, who finds herself at a point in her life when all she probably needs is a real good friend. A mash of a comedy of errors follows as the story traces how the duo try to fit into each other’s lives along with their own limitations and flaws, if you can call it that.

Is it worth your time? Well, we are all victims of some level of mindless continual scrolling and related addiction. So a funny watch that points out the obvious may not really turn out to be a great wake-up call. But despite the predictable and average script and acting, this could elicit a couple of laughs that could help ease an otherwise stressful day.

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