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Vivo review: A musical with stunning visuals and a healthy dose of fun and drama, with some shots

Vivo review: A musical with stunning visuals and a healthy dose of fun and drama, with some shots

A Sony Photos animated movie directed by Kirk DeMicco and Brandon Jeffords, Vivo is a 95 minute CG animated movie that focuses on Vivo (Lin-Manuel Miranda), an lively and musically gifted kinkajou (a tropical mammal who resembles lovable monkey -cat hybrid) performing within the streets of Havana, Cuba, with its proprietor Andrés (Juan de Marcos).

The movie has caught your eye from the very starting with its lovely neon lights and lightweight pastels and the trendy Caribbean setting. The opening quantity reveals the duo in Plaza Vieja in Havana. carry out a rap model of Broadway with a very good dose of native taste. Certainly enjoyable and pleasing! In reality, the music provides us a few of Miranda’s most interesting rhyming verses and showcases her love of music, language and puns. Along with writing 11 authentic songs, Miranda additionally voiced the titular Vivo.

Nonetheless, after a tragedy there’s a plot twist. Andrés receives a letter from his long-lost love, now well-known singer Marta Sandoval (Gloria Estefan). The romantic previous of Andrés and Marta is performed out in a dreamlike setting however in a captivating 2D aesthetic. Now Vivo has to journey to Florida to ship a love music to Marta in time for her final present in Miami. It requires a layover in Key West – and a partnership with Andrés’ great-niece Gabi (Ynairaly Simo), 10, who lives in Miami together with her mom. As they journey via the Everglades collectively, they face an surprising storm, a vicious python voiced by Michael Rooker, in addition to a loving spatula who would slightly die than have a future and not using a accomplice. Different characters – three Lady Scouts and Gabi’s annoyed mom – handle so as to add some humor and drama to the movie. Simo as Gabi is actually charismatic, assured, and an eccentric particular person with an obsession with the drums. Gabi’s “My Own Drum” is an authentic composition by Miranda, like all the opposite songs within the movie, and a very good one.

Along with her cheerful begin, struggles, and heartbreaking ending, Vivo has her justifiable share of ups and downs that convey messages of affection, braveness, empathy, and teamwork. Nonetheless, the film feels a bit predictable and stretched in components.

The spotlight of the movie is Miranda’s music. And why not? It is smart that music is the robust level of a musical. It is all about rhythm and rhythm. An incredible author and performer, Miranda’s music “Dance To The Beat Of My Own Drum” is probably going to stick with you for a very long time.

To sum up, the movie is family-friendly and above all value your time. To observe a weekend along with your youngsters!