The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things Review : A perfect date movie for every sci-fi lover

When the movie begins, we see Mark following a very particular routine. Seeing his mother go to work while he wakes up, helping his father finish a crossword puzzle, preventing a mug from falling off the table, rescuing a lady from a terrible closet breakdown, saving Phoebe (Anna Mikami) of a lottery beach ball and video games with his friend Henry (Jermaine Harris), who they always kill instead of going to his sister Emma’s (Cleo Fraser) soccer game. Soon, we realize that Mark and everyone around him are stuck in an endless cycle of time, doing the same things repeatedly, until Margaret crosses his path. The first time Margaret is seen saving Phoebe from a beach ball is when Mark realizes that there is someone other than him who is aware of the time anomaly. The two become friends and slowly set out to find perfect little things that can break the circle. The two even embark on an international trip to Japan to enter a different time zone and break the anomaly. But just before the flight takes off, Margaret gets off the flight. But even this doesn’t rescue them. And among all this, Margaret wants to find the fourth dimension. While Mark is happy to have Margaret by his side, she is protecting a part of her life from him.

Movies with temporary anomalies are not something that everyone enjoys. But the heaviness of the subject is blurred by Mark and Margaret’s sweet teenage romance. The way Mark takes Margaret on her first date to the college gym is just too cute. The movie often refers to historical pop culture movies like Groundhog Day Y Bandits of time while acknowledging the influence of Harold Ramis and Terry Gilliam. Combining science fiction and teen romance can be an extremely complicated topic, and the audience can be easily distracted. While the movie tries to grab our attention with all its might, some parts fail.

The background score and the playlist selection deserve a mention here. Written by Lev Grossman and directed by Ian Samuels, the film is set in a cute little American town where everything is quaint and charming. Things start to get predictable as the cute couple go around town, finding perfect moments to break the circle. However, while the story is told through Mark’s eye, we wonder why the creators didn’t tell the story from Margaret’s point of view, especially after realizing how important Margaret’s character is in the movie. context of the time cycle itself. If you’re looking for a date night movie and you both love the sci-fi teen romance genre, this is definitely for you. But if you are not in the category mentioned above, you can skip this movie.

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