Super Over Review : With many questions left unanswered, this film is not so ‘super’

History: Kasi (Naveen Chandra), Vasu (Rakendu Mouli), and Madhu (Chandini Chowdary) are best friends. When Kasi gets into financial trouble, he finds himself in the cricket betting black hole. When you win a jackpot, the trio now have to collect money from the bookie. What happens next is what Super Over is all about.

Review: What sounds better than the combination of cricket and cinema? Super Over, as the title suggests, is intended to be an interesting game. But the fact is that it only manages to shine in some parts.

The film features characters that you can relate to: a risk taker, a tomboy, and a paranoid guy who decides to bet on a T20 league. Why? All in an attempt to earn some money for Kasi. The world of cricket betting is well explored and understandable even to those outside the loop. It all sounds interesting to those who are far from this world, but if you are aware, it is not difficult to predict where it is going.

Madhu thinks her lucky charm worked (or so she thinks) when they hit the jackpot. And through the movie, the risk taker understands that the real risk began once it was won. Many questions are raised and not all are cleared up by the end of the film. Ajay plays a cop, but his character is overcooked and remains on the surface. The way the dots are connected also doesn’t meet the standards of a thriller. If there’s one thing that keeps you glued to the screen, it’s just cinematography. Naveen Chandra gets into the skin of her character and Chandini does her role full justice. Praveen and Ajay are good with what they get.

The problem with Super Over lies in the fact that it spends more time connecting the dots than conducting an engaging narrative. The writing is not exceptional and many scenes do not even end on a proper note. All in all, the movie is still a viewable fare.

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