Space Sweepers Review : An emotionally-driven visual effects spectacle

Netflix has enough space thrillers to give any sci-fi fan almost an endless stream of sleepless nights. And in the midst of all those terabytes of intergalactic adventure, Space sweepers it is a new star. It’s racy, loaded to the hilt with some incredible visuals and drama, and most importantly, it comes pretty close to home with its dystopian perspective in the not-so-distant future. And coming from the stable of South Korean movies loaded with visual effects that include the likes of Train to Busan, Okja Y Colossal, Space sweepers he takes things a little higher with his hyper-realism. We, of course, should not compare it to Gravity. He was in a completely different league.
The movie scores highly in terms of story: the year is 2092 and the land is almost uninhabitable. A few live off an in-orbit habit run by UTS Corporation. In the midst of all this, a group of three misfit geniuses and an unarmed battle android who struggle to raise the money to fulfill their individual dreams and only manage to get into more debt. Bubs dreams of getting a realistic skin, Tae-Ho, to retrieve the body of his little daughter from space, Captain Jang, to save humanity by killing James Sullivan (Richard Armitage), the CEO of UTS, and Tiger Park, to stay alive. lost in the crowded orbital world. But then they find a girl in a space shipwreck and it changes their lives and the lives of billions on earth and in orbital habitat.
We see some good performances, especially from Soong and Jin, as well as Yoo, who voices Bubs. But it’s the visual effects team at Seoul-based Dexter Studios that really takes the cake. Not only is the VFX realistic, it creates an alternate reality in near-Earth orbit that is akin to a space-age wild west, where a few fight moolah and lead a good life and the rest are cowboys without a penny or outlaws with guns. . The movie also scores highly when it comes to human interactions and emotions. The emotions and impulses that drive the characters are quite identifiable despite being set some 70 years in the future.
The bottom line: Space sweepers it’s an adrenaline rush that’s definitely worth a little over two hours.

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