Sita On The Road Review : A road trip that doesn’t live up to its potential

History: Anu (Kalpika Ganesh), Gayathri (Gayatri Gupta), Uma (Uma Lingaiah), Mohini (Khatera Hakimi) and Sarah (Nesa Farhedi) are vulnerable women whom society has done wrong. Fate makes them hit the road from different parts of the country and find themselves in one obvious place: Goa. How all women discover the meaning of life through their journey shapes history.

Review: Numerous films have been released that romanticize nomadic life and Sit on the road falls into the same category. However, the way director Praneeth deals with sensitive issues and embodies this diverse group of women is something that needs further discussion.

While many movies rely heavily on cinematic tropes, the director takes the opposite path: He doesn’t have a story to tell per se in the traditional sense, just experiences. Anu is a daring woman who likes to live life by her own rules. Unfortunately, to show that a woman is bold, all the director can think of is to make her smoke or drink with the curtains drawn. Mohini is a well-known actress fed up with sofa casting, a fierce woman who foolishly gulps down vodka while driving. It’s no wonder that when these two meet, they end up being best friends. Sarah is an Iranian whose life has been changed over the past three years due to a painful incident. He struggles to make sense of what has happened to him and writes a thesis to deal with it. Uma is a rural teenager who is a victim of trafficking and Gayathri is a housewife who does not feel that she belongs to the home of her parents or her in-laws.

While it’s great to see a buddy movie aimed at women and about women, complete with fancy music in the background, the reality is that the more you watch the movie, the more you feel like something important is wrong. Praneeth has her intentions in the right place with this movie, but Sit on the road shows his inexperience in the cinema. A little story connecting the dots and backing it all up consistently would have turned this into something else!

The performance of the women in the film is not exceptional either, but it is not their fault. Sit on the road It seems like a great road trip for all the actors, but only off screen. Praneeth shows potential as a filmmaker and storyteller, if only he knew how to hone that craft.

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