Pulikkuthi Pandi Review : Pulikkuthi Pandi

Pulikkuthi Pandi is another rural Muthaiah film, made in its tried and tested format. An aggressive protagonist who hits baddies in black and blue, a female protagonist who falls in love with and after whom undergoes a transformation, some older characters, broad emotions, family ties, ruthless antagonists, and unapologetic violence are some of the regular elements that he has also infused this time.

Pandi (Vikram Prabhu), an orphan, is a thug who has about 20 misdemeanor cases registered to him at a police station. After meeting Pechi (Lakshmi Menon), he decides to be a responsible and sane man while falling madly in love with her. Although he was ready to mend his ways, fate had other plans for him. He locks horns with Sannasi (Vela Ramamoorthy), a ruthless usurer, after the latter misbehaves with Pechi and her father. How Pandi, Pechi, and their relatives face the wrath of Sannasi and their children shapes the rest of the story.

The film, which has a cliche intro scene of the hero, of him getting drunk and dancing with his cronies, progresses slowly with mediocre moments, good fight sequences, and ineffective comedy scenes for most of its first half. However, things get interesting once the conflict with the main antagonist begins. The director comes up with some compelling reasons for the transformation of some characters. Muthaiah makes sure that the villains are portrayed as heartless and thus the hero and heroine who faces them becomes compelling enough for the viewers. Surprisingly, the female lead role is also attractively written.

But the really surprising, rather shocking sequence occurs at a crucial point, when the tables are turned, thanks to a twist one least expects in a commercial rural film. From then on, for a change, the female lead takes center stage. The action scenes in the second half (albeit violent), the cinematography, and the performances elevate the film largely to the climax. All the artists perform their roles with ease, while Lakshmi Menon, Vela Ramamoorthy and RK Suresh stand out. If the movie had been engaging from the start, he would have ended up a full-fledged artist.

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