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Remember Chandler from Friends trying to get an engagement photo with Monica and getting awkward and awkward in front of the camera? Well, in Photo Prem, Maee (Neena Kulkarni) has a similar problem. She is camera shy and extremely uncomfortable posing for photos. So much so that he has not taken a single good photo in his life. Even at her daughter’s wedding, Maee comes up with all the excuses not to be photographed. But unlike her husband (Vikas Hande), who loves to have photos clicked and is a natural poser, Maee is happy that they don’t click. That, however, changes one day.

The wife of a colleague of Maee’s husband dies of a heart attack and upon arriving there to pay her respects, Maee realizes that there is not a single photo of the woman to frame after her death or to send for an obituary. in the newspaper. The thought of not having a good photo to put down after her death gives Maee sleepless nights. She wants a good smiling photo taken of her, but the moment the lens turns to her, Maee feels awkward. Do you finally manage to get a good memorable photograph?

Photo Prem has a great concept to start a story with. It’s unusual to see a movie about a woman preparing to create post-death memories. That makes the story unique, but there’s not much to explore or play around if this phrase becomes your entire movie. That’s where creators falter. But, let’s look at the positives first.

The best thing about Photo Prem is the performance of Neena Kulkarni. It is a subtle representation of a woman who does not say much out loud, but has a lot on her mind. He is someone who has accepted and is happy with his reality, until that fateful day when his fear of not having a good photo outweighs the fear of having a photo. Kulkarni, a seasoned actress, gets the correct body language and expressions in every scene. She is upset, but is also interested in finding a solution to her problem. The supporting cast, which includes Amita Khopkar, Vikas Hande, and Chaitrali Rode portray their characters effortlessly. The filmmakers rely on humor to tell this story and it turns out to be a good decision on their part.

Now, the other side; Although unique, Photo Prem ends up becoming a repetitive story. Some instances join in to try and navigate around the monotony, but they do so only for the moment. That’s the reason why even in just over 90 minutes, the movie feels slow and stretched. Maybe a little more attention to the other characters and then weaving their stories into Maee’s would have worked well.

That being said, Photo Prem is a decent, upbeat movie to watch for Neena Kulkarni’s performance.

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