Nobody Sleeps In The Woods Tonight Review : An avoidable bloodbath

No one sleeps in the woods tonight it’s your ordinary slash and gore movie that offers hardly anything else. From the moment the carnage begins, you shudder and await the climax where you know only one teenager survives. And your guess about that lucky guy would be correct. The only difference: this one has a strange angle. No, nothing not even close to Predator kind; more like an immortal parasite arriving in a meteorite.
The killers’ modus operandi is simple: kill on sight. They hardly seem to be dragging their large warty bodies, but when it comes to killing they seem to teleport from A to B. As for the story, it’s anything but complicated. There are characters galore, but no backstories except one about the origin of the cannibal twins. It seems like a “the more the merrier” approach. In short, it’s like watching one of those countless similar cut-and-kill formula movies that do little more than make you cringe in disgust. And it is totally predictable.
Performance wise, it’s more about who looks the most terrified on screen and who can play dead perfectly. Julia Wieniawa-Narkiewicz, like her namesake in the movie, gets top marks for displaying poise and terror in a balanced way while outwitting and outwitting the killer twins. Spoiler alert: she survives. The rest of the cast, including Michal Zbroja, who plays the twins, have done their bit to keep the story moving.
Avoidable, unless, of course, you can’t resist the genre.

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