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Love In The Times Of Corona Review : A sanitised depiction of lockdown impact on relationships and realities

Love In The Times Of Corona Review : A sanitised depiction of lockdown impact on relationships and realities

HISTORY: The anthology of 3 short films set in the times of the coronavirus pandemic, explores their impact on the lives of three women, each fighting their own situation, juxtaposed with the confinement. Will the forced order to stay home set them free?

REVISION: Written and directed by Indrani Ray and produced by Tanvi Gadhvi, ‘Love in the Times of Corona’ is a show for women that addresses an extremely relevant topic, in a way that feels encouraging and easy to identify. The three women in the stories are strong but vulnerable and are dealing with the new world order of lockdowns, video calls, and remote connection with their loved ones.

‘Short Hello’, starring Dipannita Sharma, the first short film shows us a day in the life of a divorced woman going through her daily tasks and routine and how a very regular day becomes special when she connects with her past. The second, ‘Dinner in Lockdown’, starring Shibani Dandekar and Shekhar Ravjiani, shows a couple living a seemingly happy and perfect life under a veil of secrecy and hidden emotions. And the third, “Tea and a Rose,” with Adil Hussein and Natasha Rastogi, is about an old woman who comes to terms with the loss of her husband and loneliness in a palatial home when an old friend reconnects with her, in person.

All three stories are beautifully shot in a mystical sepia tone, but all three are decidedly urban and exclusive. While the characters’ emotions are universal, their refined life and ‘first world’ troubles may not strike a chord with many, who fought through the basics to survive the pandemic.

That said, all of the stories are heartwarming and straightforward enough to find something to connect with, for everyone. The creators are to be commended for putting together a superior product with micro-teams that work remotely, shaping it from script to screen, without compromising cinematic quality. The actors deliver excellent performances within the limited scope and space, which immediately brings a sense of connection to their characters as real people. Ray’s direction is on point for the part of the life stories that are packed into one day but represent a lifetime.

The coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown have brought different levels of pain, misery and challenges for each of us, but at the same time it has also been a great leveler for humanity. That we are all in this together has never been clearer. ‘Love, In The Times Of Corona’ is a healthy and mature reminder of the impact this catastrophe has had on relationships and reality.