Innu Muthal Review : A ‘godly’ movie with a twist

Synopsis: Abhinandan is a taxi driver who lives in Kochi and is completely in debt. Will Lord Krishna give an answer to your prayers?

Review: Feel-good movies feel like the ideal viewing option for these dark times and Innu Muthal hits the mark with a comedic tale about finding yourself and maybe more. But while it is a story about Lord Krishna coming to earth and meeting the protagonist of the story, he tries to change our beliefs.

Siju Wilson plays Abhinandan, a Kochi taxi driver who is a bit of a rascal. You wake up to calls from many people you are in debt to or borrowed money from, be it your landlord or your friends. But instead of being careful with his money and trying to pay off his debt, he spends his nights drinking his worries with his friend. And then he faithfully prays to Lord Krishna to solve his financial problems.

But in all his con man ways – overcharging his clients, lying to a debtor who has broken an arm – Abhinandan wakes up one morning to find that Lord Krishna has risen and gone from his life; missing his prayer stand, the driver’s dashboard and Abhinandan can’t even see him in the temple. Added to this conundrum, there seems to be no way out of your mounting debts. At this juncture, director and writer Rejishh Midhila literally introduces the deus ex machina, but with a twist.

Lord Krishna makes an appearance, but he is not the dark handsome lover we are used to and he is not here with a solution to Abhinandan’s problems. This is a very localized avatar, speaking Kochi lingo, but no less cool. He wants the driver to change his ways and offers in return to fulfill his only wish; not to pay his debts, which he won’t do, but to appear on his Vishwaroopam.

The story takes a serious turn when Abhinandan has to offer a ride to a blind passenger, played by Hindi veteran Uday Chandra, and he instinctively goes the extra mile. The Lord delights and stuns Abhinandan by showing him a new way.

Innu Muthal has had a fairly quiet launch amidst the biggest movies to come out in the last two weeks, but despite being smaller, it certainly delivers an amazing experience. The movie has its flaws, such as a romantic track that feels forced and a story that seems to have only one focus and is therefore slow, but Rejishh makes up for that with clever touches, such as when the Lord makes his first appearance, the climax. and with some clever characterizations, such as Abhinandan’s seldom-seen kind heart, a loving debtor played by Indrans, and a lovable passenger.

Siju Wilson is lovable as the con man, but it’s Suraj Pops’ inspired choice as Lord Krishna that steals scenes. He is the kind of sensible God who makes you think and draws you from generation to generation. Watch this movie to put a smile on your face and a pleasant feeling in your heart.

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