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Ikkat Review : This lockdown tale is a laugh riot

Ikkat Review : This lockdown tale is a laugh riot

Plot: Vasu and Janvi are a middle-class married couple. They have a big fight right as the national shutdown is announced to prevent the spread of COVID. They are forced to live indoors, but have three highly unlikely guests visiting them.

Review: Ikkat is probably one of the few films in Kannada that was made against the backdrop of the post-COVID world. The film is directed by Esham and Haseen Khan, who have proven themselves with their first web series Loose Connection. This comedy set in the context of the confinement is his first feature film and it is quite a funny gift, with some noteworthy moments.

Vasu is the typical middle-class man, who leads a worldly life full of his gloomy attitude. He is married to Janvi, a closet TikTok star who lives his life vicariously on the social media app. They have a big fight just as Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the shutdown to prevent the spread of COVID. Each is forced to live with their disputed partner. But that’s not all, they also have three unusual guests. The comedy of errors that follows makes this a quirky and hilarious journey.

TS Nagabhushana and Bhoomi Shetty as the main couple are noted for their performances. They both seem identifiable and their comic timing is impeccable. The moments they share make you fall in love with both of them, and the main couple’s haunting chemistry only elevates the narrative a bit more. RJ Vikki as Dude Maga, Janvi’s TikTok lover, is over the top and sometimes works as a double-edged sword for the story. Sundar Veena as the annoying Uncle Karna is a pleasure to watch.

Ikkat is modestly made in one location and the movie still manages to entertain one most of the time. Dossmode’s music and background score add to the quirky story. At a time when most of Kannada’s movies follow the many songs and fighting formula, this movie is a welcome change. Ikkat isn’t one of those wacky, flashy tales, it’s mundane and that’s what makes the movie entertaining. With stories of ordinary people emerging as the most beloved stories in OTT, this is definitely a narrative heading in the right direction.