I Care A Lot Review : Rosamund Pike, Peter Dinklage and Dianne Wiest are a wacky trio in this dark comedy

HISTORY: Marla Grayson (Rosamund Pike) is a state-appointed guardian for the elderly in America. But the lady is a con artist (“I’m a lioness,” she justifies) and is always looking for a source of income that she can scam out of her wealth. . But the latest trap, called ‘a cherry’ in the guardianship scam world, is a tough nut to crack. Yes, Jennifer Peterson (Dianne Wiest) is more than meets the eye and her loved one wreaks havoc to bring her home. Why the war for this decaying person?

REVISION: In her grand entrance, performed in the form of a pompous monologue by the lady herself, it becomes apparent that Marla Grayson is not your typical barely-there caretaker, she wears a tapered bob, corporate dresses, trench coats, and reflective glasses. means business. And by business, she and her partner Frances (Eiza González) basically mean forcing the old rich to live in government-approved nursing homes, selling all their assets, and legally distancing them from their families. There is not an iota of shame or guilt in Marla’s outlined eyes. “There are two types of people in this world: predators and prey. A lamb and a lion. And I’m a lioness, ”he reiterates during the next two hours of the film. When his accomplice, Dr. Amos (Alicia Witt) informs him about a potential source of income without a family in the city, Marla and Fran jump into action immediately. Poor old Jennifer Peterson is in a bad mood in her new lair, but that’s normal. What is quite unusual is that this seemingly defenseless lady has powerful and dangerous friends like an elusive Roman Lunyov (Peter Dinklage) who sends thugs and guns to the facility to kidnap her. Did Marla and Fran read it wrong? What about your fraudulent ambitions? ‘I Care A Lot’ scores great on multiple levels: the dark comedy it has brought to the forefront is top-notch; A charmingly intriguing Rosamund Pike is a must, Peter Dinklage’s dry but shocking humor, and of course a badass Dianne Wiest!

There are some voices in Hollywood that are so different and so deeply etched in our memory that it’s impossible to watch them play a new role and not remember the one that made them iconic to moviegoers like us. Rosamund Pike Gone Girl’s husky voice is one example. The actress brings the same amount of seriousness, if not more, to the character of evil Marla and that husky voice! Whether it’s a comedy or a thriller, Pike’s commanding voice will always score points for the impact it has on his spectacular roles and viewers in general. Like Marl Grayson, Pike is blatantly immoral and a self-proclaimed shark, but screenwriter and director J Blakeson, through captivating storytelling, expresses a flickering ray of hope for her: the couple, Fran, is the weak point. The story flows in outrageous and hilarious ways, but every now and then, there are moments of utter humanity and humanity in the crafty character. Pike shines as bright as this as that. Speaking of weaknesses, an utterly hilarious Peter Dinklage is an elusive member of the Russian mob in America, and when he’s not sipping smoothies and snacking, the man likes to bark orders at his caricatured underlings. Dinklage is effortlessly hilarious as the rogue Roman and his addiction to cupcakes and donuts is a motif that brings much-needed comic relief to his otherwise gray character. With her trembling lips (because she’s so sedated, guys!) And those piercingly cold eyes, Dianne Wiest glorifies the burgeoning alternative culture of “old and cheeky.” The scandalous hit of Netflix, which is also its longest-running show, ‘Grace & Frankie’ is a testament to how well this formula is working. Plus, Wiest has the most outlandish lines. You know, the ones that involve a four-letter expletive that begins with the letter C. Eiza González is a henchman in ‘I care a lot’ and although her role stands out towards the climax, she, more or less, is overshadowed by a splendid . Pike for the best part. Dean Chris Messina is the corporate lawyer in suit boots who has an ego fight with the feminist Marla and no one loses. They hate losing, they declare. Like Dean, Messina radiates the charm that only a man with vested interests can or should. His cameo could have turned into a full-blown parallel character, but ouch! The film is dedicated to the wolf – sorry, lioness – from the street of guardianship and Messina leaves, quite abruptly.

If health care officials are running a scam of this stature in America, God bless the country, kudos to J Blakeson for this film showing and special praise for doing it while keeping it fun, intriguing and sparkling. The fate of its twisted protagonist restores what we have known but decided to ignore all the time: if you are money, you will spend!

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