Flora & Ulysses Review : A delightful adventure comedy

HISTORY: Based on the award-winning Newbery book (Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures by Kate DiCamillo), 10-year-old Flora names a squirrel Ulysses after rescuing him. Very soon she discovers that he has unique superhero powers that lead them on an adventurous journey.

REVISION: ‘Flora & Ulysses’ is the story of an avid comic book fan and cynical girl, Flora Buckman (Matilda Lawler). Despite the contract, his mother Phyllis (Alyson Hannigan) forces him to sign a deal that loosely translates to this: he turns his face away from the comics. A fighter Flora avidly follows the adventures of her superhero and lives in his imaginative world. Phyllis is a struggling romance novelist who seems to be in love with her books more than her family. However, Flora always misses her father George (Ben Schwartz) and the superhero comic book scripts that he had created that unfortunately could not be published. One day, after rescuing a squirrel (Ulysses) from a mishap, Flora is excited to learn that she has acquired super powers. This changes his perspective towards superheroes from ‘they never appear in reality, as they are in the head’ to ‘all superheroes come to us for a purpose’.

Lena Khan’s comic book movie has all the elements of an entertaining watch, including action, adventure, comedy, and romance. Brad Copeland’s script is funny and full of vivid imagination. There is a generous use of CGI that blends seamlessly into the narrative. Kate DiCamillo’s story is interestingly adapted and told with the help of pictures and comic panels. Yes, from the point of view of this genre, the plot is original but also predictable. The eccentric and endearing characters – Flora and her parents – have an arc that goes from silly to mature at the same time.

A promising Matilda Lawler is clearly the movie’s life as the wide-eyed teenager on an unexpected adventure. She is amazing and gets good support from William (Benjamin Evan Ainsworth) as a neighborhood boy wrestler suffering from temporary blindness. Despite having personal problems, Flora’s parents (played by Alyson Hannigan and Ben Schwartz) become part of her outing.

Like any other superhero story, ‘Flora & Ulysses’ begins with a tragic accident with unexpected consequences. However, it still offers a breath of fresh air in the sense that it has a different concept to showcase. This movie is definitely a fun ride for kids of all ages.

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