Drishyam 2 Review : Mohanlal excels as Georgekutty again in this expertly crafted sequel

“When you’re trying something in a new business, it’s always best to learn all aspects of it,” Georgekutty tells an aspiring filmmaker as he talks about his plans to realize his dream of producing a film based on a story he has in mind. . In many ways, the elements of that conversation, what was said and what was heard, reveal the multiple layers of clever scripts that have contributed to making Drishyam 2 the taut thriller that it is.

The sequel to Jeethu Joseph’s box office hit Drishyam begins where the 2013 film left off: Georgekutty (Mohanlal) walking out of a police station with a shovel. ‘The perfect crime’, however, had a witness and that is what six years later gives direction to the investigation of the Varun Prabhakar disappearance case that has left the police red-faced more than once.

The main suspect in the case, even though the police never found any evidence, is Georgekutty and his growth from farmer to theater owner has only helped the villagers spread more rumors. Georgekutty, however, now seems focused on making his dream of producing a movie come true; Could this new obsession make you slip up? With Varun’s parents mounting pressure and the police still trying to solve the case, how long will the family’s truth remain buried and can Georgekutty protect his family again?

Jeethu’s script for the sequel is tighter than ever; Like Drishyam, this movie also begins as a family drama, while the appearance of fear and anxiety felt by the family is always palpable. But as the investigation progresses, the scenes also gain momentum, and each of the characters is a reason to keep the audience interested. Jeethu expertly weaves multiple threads too, leading to a stellar climax filled with multiple twists that is as good as the one in the first movie. The filmmaker even makes the finer details – like Georgekutty’s drinking habit and an ambulance siren – fit into this cleverly arranged puzzle.

The film also reflects the social environment in which the characters live, addressing domestic violence and the unfair ostracism of convicts and suspects. While exploring family dynamics, Jeethu uncovers another layer by highlighting how a lack of communication between couples, especially when the husband does not open up all the way, often leads to hurting the very people he has taken it upon himself to protect. Drishyam 2 also does not glorify the actions of its hero, nor does it justify them; in fact, it reflects the great guilt and the price it takes on him and his family.

While Drishyam had the powerful advantage of portraying Georgekutty as an unpretentious and uneducated farmer, in Drishyam 2 the audience is already aware of the brilliance of which he is capable and expects him to achieve something incredible. Despite all that, it is Mohanlal’s rendition of the calculating Georgekutty, both under-excited and distraught, that keeps them guessing and engaged. The superstar stood out as Georgekutty the first time around and in the sequel, he picks up where he left off, without missing a beat. It is a pleasure to see him in the family sequences with Meena, Ansiba and Esther Anil.

Thomas Bastin IPS is the perfect contrast for Georgekutty, through his own cunning tactics and Murali Gopy plays the former well showing restrained aggression. Asha Sharath shines once again as Geetha Prabhakar, who is hell-bent on punishing Georgekutty for what he did to her family. Siddique, Meena, Ansiba, Anjali Nair, and Saikumar do exactly what is required of their characters to capture viewers’ attention. On the technical side, VS Vinayak’s film editing is crisp and Anil Johnson’s music blends precisely with the rhythm of the film. Images by cinematographer Satheesh Kurup deny that this film was made while the restrictions of the pandemic were in play.

When filmmakers announce sequels immediately after a movie becomes a hit, this sequel that came eight years after the first movie was released was worth the wait, for the audience to enjoy and the team to be proud of.

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