Close Enough, review, trailer, first episode

Statically and humorously close, Quintal’s other creations are similar to regular shows. This time instead of a blue jay and a raccoon, the animated comedy is about the lives of new parents Josh (Quintal) and Emily (Gabrielle Walsh), their daughter Candice (Jessica Dicicoco), and two divorced roommate Alex (Jason Montajoukas). Follow and Bridget (Kimiko Glenn).

Anyone who is familiar with the regular show already has a clue about the profound changes of this series. Every 15-minute saga begins with a small, believable problem, such as Josh and Emily going to a club in an attempt to feel young again.

But by the end of the episode, the simple setup turns into some astronomical snowball, in which case the club’s literal name is Logan’s Run which kills anyone at the age of 35. It is very silly, very extreme, and very entertaining.

But unlike regular shows, Close Enough constantly channels its random energy and silly characters to make a bigger, more interesting point. It is hard to see Emily and Josh struggling to regain their youth and forget their 20s dreams.

Time and time again try to act in the same way when they were in their 20s, getting too much and going on crazy house haunted adventures, only to reconcile with the fact that they are now Are not “cool”.

Yet the sacrifice of that past life made him into something bigger. Together they have a loving family, great friends, and an incredible daughter. If Emily had devoted all her energy to her comedy musical career or Josh had given up everything to become a video game developer, nothing could have happened. It often misses an elaborate story about maturity.

There is not enough about the broad-aspirations of youth or the intelligence that comes with old age. It is about those messy years when nothing connects in the middle, and what you are becoming is still in the position you were with.

Yes, it is getting old, and yes it is disappointing to see old dreams dying. But rather than shutting it down as something upset about it, Close Enough re-organized this entire metamorphosis into an adventure in itself.

So the next time you leave that third glass of wine because you want to go hiking the next morning, you go crazy in the lame-o. Take a page from the closed Enf book and embrace the excitement of getting old.

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