Bombay Rose Review : An extraordinary visual feast

HISTORY: The story revolves around a young Hindu Kamala (voice-over by Cyli Khare) who falls in love with a Muslim refugee from Kashmir, Salim (voice-over by Amit Deondi).

REVISION: Set in Bombay, the film revolves around Kamala, who escaped from an arranged marriage, but must now do double duty as a flower seller and nightclub dancer to feed her little sister Tara (voiceover by Gargi Shitole) and grandfather (voiceover by Virendra Saxena). ). Across the street, Salim slips in and out of traffic, selling bouquets of flowers to motorists and pedestrians. Kamala’s beauty attracts Salim, but due to religious differences, their romance exists primarily in his imagination. Although they exchange glances on a regular basis and their friendship quickly turns into something more. However, Mike (voiceover of Makrand Deshpande) will not let one of his good dancers fall in love with someone else as he is interested in making good money selling her to Dubai. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Writer / director Gitanjali Rao’s first feature film, ‘Bombay Rose’, is a true Bollywood-style romantic tale made with love. Frame by frame, this 2D gem is meticulously hand-painted, making this film visually stunning. Combining different time periods, the daily life of all the characters interwoven through different artistic styles is incredible. And the transition between the style of modern art and that of the Mughal era is fascinating. However, thinking a bit more about the story would have done wonders and Rao’s narrative lacks the depth it needed.

The Writer-Director has perfectly shown the characters’ continuous internal turmoil as their desires struggle with imagination and reality. For example, Salim imagines himself as a Bollywood hero who rescues his love from the drug dealer (Mike) who wants to sell Kamala. Kamala imagines them living together in India’s royal past. And an older film actress, Ms. D’Souza (voice-over of Amardeep Jha) continues to reminisce about her past by living in old songs. In general, the characters are well written taking into account every little detail that is embraced with the traditional animation that gives the film visual language.

Music is an incredible part of the story and adds value to the narrative. The song ‘Rewa’ will stick with you for quite some time. All that said, ‘Bombay Rose’ is a cinematic delight that will definitely make you fall in love with art cinema. It deserves a watch just for its animation.

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