Bobby Deol did not suit into the negative role of Baba

Star: 2/5
Stars: Bobby Deol, Anupriya Goenka, Aditi Pohankar, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Tushar Pandey
What to watch: MX player

It is sad to see that Ashram is a representation of a talented maker like Prakash Jha. Bobby Deol, who made a comeback from Class 83, is in the series. Interestingly, Season 2 has been announced after the first season with these nine episodes. The makers have kept themselves far away that the ashram is not inspired by Baba Ram Rahim Singh, who is in jail. But in fact, the story is made with that in mind.

Although the shoot took place in Faizabad, Gonda and Ayodhya, its local fiction has been kept. Pammi from Meerut comes from the Dalit class, does Pahelwani but not everyone in the area allows this to happen even during the match against former Chief Minister Hukum Singh.

Pammi’s brother’s friend was supposed to get married on horseback but Armaan also doesn’t let the whole area be completed and kills Pammi’s brother during the fight. Ujagar Singh, the local police chief, also enters Baba Nirala when he does not support Pammi. It makes everything the same.

Then the people of Pammi area become devotees of Baba and from there the Mahabharata begins between the CM of the region and Baba Nirala. The area where the puppet is made is the police, X CM, Pammy, his brother and other characters.

Prakash Jha could not give the same treatment
In films like Gangajal, Rajneeti, Prakash Jha, who showed the deeds of the police and leaders very well, got lost here. The director, who made films with a good script, treated his web show here like a daily soap. In some places, each scene is four to five minutes long. When it could have been a minute and a half. This engagement is not trivial.

Bobby couldn’t show cunning and cunning
Bobby Deol recently performed well in Class 83 but did not play the role of Baba here. This character does all sorts of wrong things but couldn’t bring his cruelty to Bobby scenes. His gentleness overwhelms Baba Nirala’s cunning.

Other characters could not impress either
Ujagar Singh is a policeman and he is Akkad. Darshan Kumar has done his best to do justice to the role. Chandan Roy is also fine in the role of Baba Nirala’s right hand Bhupa Swami.

Anupriya Goenka plays Natasha, the doctor who performed the postmortem. Baba is followed by Pammi and her brother throughout the series. It is played by Aditi Pohankar and Chichhore Fame Tushar Pandey. The work is good but the roll is ineffective.

Everything is seen in the formula film
The dialogues are by Sanjay Masoom who is funny, which is his strength but the story was not yet tightened. Nowhere is the thrill experienced. The secrets of the story unfold comfortably as the character arrives. The strength of the fake Baba is well illustrated by Prakash Zai, but it is incomprehensible why he made it in nine episodes. The twists in each character and story are exactly the same as in the formula film.