Bawri Chhori Review : Aahana Kumra shines in this otherwise average drama

HISTORY: It tells the story of a vengeful wife, Radhika, who seeks to find her husband, who abandoned her and went to London. What happens along the way forms the crux of this sweet and sensitive social drama.

REVISION: The film’s title ‘Bawri Chhori’ translates to ‘Crazy Girl’, which is quite fitting since the story revolves around the outing of one of those women, Radhika (Aahana Kumra). Having been abandoned by her husband in India, Radhika finds her way to London to search for him. Interestingly, her goal is not to bring him back, but to get revenge for having abandoned her. He even Googles ways to kill someone and how to get rid of the body – such is the intensity of his hatred. Will she be able to find it?

Akhilesh Jaiswal’s movie is different in that it is not a typical story about a girl who will go find her better half and beg him to come back into her life. Instead, you want to find it, hit it, and make your ‘achaar’ (pickle). The first half focuses on the pursuit of Radhika, who turns into a monotonous clock after a point. However, the second half has all the fun elements, especially when Radhika meets Ana (Rumana Molla) and together they continue their search mission.

Co-written by Prateek Payodhi and Akhilesh Jaiswal, the narrative is engaging in a way that the central character grows his social circle and meets new people like his college friend Anand (Vikram Kochhar), Ms. Saroj (Niki Walia), and Ana, who help Radhika and to some extent even change her perspective on life.

Composed by Karthik Ramalingam, the title track ‘Bawri Chhori’ does a decent job of conveying all the emotions that the film’s protagonist goes through as he wanders the streets of London.
Aahana Kumra perfectly describes the emotional turmoil her character goes through as a betrayed and unforgiving wife, Radhika. He just carries the film on his shoulders and, along the way, he discovers freedom and friendship. Vikram Kochhar as Kumra’s only friend in London, Anand, supports her well and falls in love with her. Romania Molla as Ana is interesting and brings the required fun element to the story.

Simply put, this 82 minute drama has all the nuances of the hit Bollywood movie ‘Queen’ and with a little more effort, it could have gone from average drama to a must see as it had that kind of potential.

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