Battala Ramaswamy Biopikku Review : An outdated story with flawed execution

Story: Battala Ramaswamy has small ambitions in life. But three marriages later, what happens so that he ends up dead?

Check: After a series of biographies on famous Tollywood characters, don’t expect this to be the same. This is the biopic of a common fictional character, the common man. Right at the beginning we are shown a corpse and a villager begins to tell the story.

Battala Ramaswamy (Altaf Hussain) lived in a small town and had two ambitions in life: to be a single man and to open his own sari shop. Her dreams come true when she falls in love with Jayaprada (Shanti Rao), gets married, and the duo start selling saris. An unexpected twist forces him to marry his sister-in-law Jayasudha (Lavanya Reddy) and later Sridevi (Satvika Jai). When the three women refuse to be alone, what course of events led to their death?

The villager narrating this story makes it clear that Ramaswamy’s life has enough twists and turns, but they don’t make sense and fail. It would have been nice if the movie had managed to find a way to make it fun. With problems looming, Ramaswamy almost seems to be enjoying the chaos around him, even as he feigns helplessness. He never bothers to get over the problems that keep popping up one after another. This ‘biopic’ by Ramaswamy is sadly cliché and full of stereotypical characters.

Battala Ramaswamy Biopokku it has an outdated history and the execution tests patience. He also faces problems with continuity, direction, and script. The movie’s biggest ‘twist’ isn’t a surprise either. This half-adult comedy has enough dialogue and double-talk that it fails to leave an impact. Even though the main focus of the film is Ramaswamy and his ordeals, whenever his wives start fighting, it’s hard to miss. The female characters in this movie are stereotyped.

Above all, it is Altaf Haasan’s acting and comedic rhythm that helps you sit up during the movie. Comedian Bhadram has good times too, lighting up the screen every time he’s on it. Watch this at your own risk.

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