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Bannerghatta Review : A night gone awry

Bannerghatta Review : A night gone awry

History: Aashiq is driving at night to deliver a package, while they continue to receive phone calls from his wife and other people. As she tells each of them one lie after another, unsuccessfully, she also receives a call from her sister in Bangalore, hinting that she may be in danger.

Review: Turning a story set in a moving vehicle into an attractive watch is not easy. Director Vishnu Narayanan’s film Banerghatta mainly unfolds on its protagonist’s journey at night, as constant phone calls and other interruptions interrupt things for him.

Aashiq (Karthik Ramakrishnan) is stuck in various financial problems and while driving at night to receive a ‘package’ he receives numerous calls. One of the calls is from his sister, Aashna, and when it ends abruptly, he feels that she is in danger. How well will the man handle the crisis?

The film is primarily a curious experiment with a single man who appears on screen for the longest time, although a few others appear later. Their distracted driving, the often made-up responses to phone calls, and the low-light night roads that form the backdrop create a sense of danger and bewilderment at first, leaving the viewer wondering where everything is going.

But, pretty soon, one also has an idea of ​​how naive and inexperienced the character is and probably a hint that things might not be going well for him. From there, it’s an unexciting wait to see how much gets screwed up and how. There is an element of relief offered towards the end regarding one of your concerns, but otherwise, the unfolding events, more or less, can be an easy guess. The movie relies heavily on Karthik’s responses to induce a suspense effect, but in the restrictive setting, both in story and acting, it doesn’t seem too easy for him.

The movie can excite those who like to try out unconventional stories.