All My Friends Are Dead Review : ​Hilariously dark and twisted

HISTORY: On a fateful New Year’s Eve, a boisterous house party goes terribly wrong. What starts out as a fun and harmless night gets out of hand after an accidental shot.

REVIEW: Like its title, ‘All My Friends Are Dead’, it is packed with shocking value and starts from the opening scene. Two detectives are examining a crime scene like no other, where an epic bloodbath appears to have occurred the night before. It immediately unfolds into a flashback to the crazy NYE party, hosted by a young Marek (Kamil Piotrowski) at his posh villa. The party itself is a congregation of a large group of characters, each dealing with their share of love, lust, secrets, addiction, or heartache. All the best to keep track of them as they are introduced one after another. In them, we have the stereotypes and the unconventional. There are ex-lovebirds, a loving couple, a confused Christian missionary, two desperate ‘virgin’ nerds, a cougar with a toy, a young man from rehab, a girl who believes in cosmic energies, a gay man in the closet, a girl who She is so horny, that she wears devil horns all over the place, a pair of busty ‘heavenly’ twins, who just want to get laid, and a poor pizza delivery man, who just wants to get paid … phew!

Polish director and screenwriter Jan Belcl goes to great lengths to give each of his characters space and time to play their part in this unholy mess. And maybe it’s the sheer folly with each of them that gives this movie its twisted, chaotic fun quotient. Try not to look for too much logic in the narrative or to justify your actions, but in your defense, everyone is high on alcohol, substances, or sex. But that’s where the fun is. Lots of dark comedy oozes (along with the blood) from the wild goings-on of this party and the element of the next cracked surprise makes it unpredictable. Ultimately, it all concludes in what can only be described as orgasmic fun for all slasher fans.

It’s a gruesome and busy script with lots of murder and confusion, surely not for the faint of heart. But the way things go downhill makes this deadly party a fun character ride in situations where you don’t want to get caught, no pun intended.

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