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“We are exhausted”: OV7 spoke about the hard rehearsals for their reconciliation tour

OV7 spoke with Infobae Mexico (Photos: Infobae Mexico)

OV7 is one of the most representative bands in Mexico and, after several years of controversy, they are about to start their tour 30 years, with which they seek to excite their fans and move them with some surprises.

It was during the Orange Carpet of the Kids’ Choice Awards Mexico 2022where Óscar Schwebel and Érika Zaba spoke exclusively with Infobae Mexico about his arduous preparation for this new series of concerts.

“(Everything) is going great, we start in a few days, the rehearsals have been quite heavy, we are exhausted,” said Schwebel.

In this sense, the singer highlighted that all the members of OV7 They had to give their best, because the demand has been very high.

The band will start the tour soon

“These are very long essays, practically 10 hours because, as you know, not only do you have to rehearse the choreography and vocals, but the whole issue of screens, costumes, many things that decorate the cake, I think it has been hard, but the result will be very good, “he said.

The famous announced that fans will be able to enjoy some of the classic band tunesbut it will not stop there, since they have planned some topics that will remove the nostalgia of the attendees.

“We bring to the table songs we haven’t sung in 20 years, then yes, the cajon ones go, but there are songs that will be a surprise”, he said.

For her part, Érika Zaba elaborated that it seemed very important to her to attend the Kids’ Choice Awards Mexico 2022because he was able to realize the impact that OV7 has had over the years.

“We started our career when we were children and now we are in a very important event that covers several generations, we are very happy”, he commented.

The famous was excited to attend the awards

It should be remembered that it was last April 1, when the group in charge of performing hits like I love you so much, look into my eyes, it’s not obsession or Clove calendar announced the dates of their next tour.

“The countdown begins, we are very excited!!! The party is about to start and you are our guests of honor”, Vaseline Wave announced that the first date will be September 1 and 2 at the Citibanamex Auditorium in Monterrey”, they wrote from their social networks.

Likewise, the celebrities will be presented in Mexico City on September 6, 7 and 8, these dates will be the ones that will be the replacement of those of May 15, 28 and 29, 2020 (respectively) in the National Auditorium.

This means that people who had tickets for the concerts that were suspended will be able to attend with the tickets that they already had.

Later OV7 will also go to Acapulco, Guadalajara, Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosí, Morelia, Torreón, Veracruz, Mérida, Guanajuato, Puebla and Querétaro.

The band will return to the stage soon (Photo: Instagram/@oficialov7)
The band will return to the stage soon (Photo: Instagram/@oficialov7)

“It’s been a story of joy, passion and complicity, and we are sure that the stage will allow us to relive everything with that same intensity. We are grateful to remain in people’s hearts for so long, and confident that the opportunity to keep writing good stories together with them it is unmissable”, the celebrities wrote in the statement announcing their tour.

Likewise, prior to the start of their tour, something that shocked OV7 fans is that Erika Zaba, Lidia Ávila, Mariana Ochoa, M’balia Marichal, Kalimba, Ari Borovoy and Óscar Schwebel They met again a few weeks ago on the stage of The Academy: 20 years and performed some of their songs.


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