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Watch McKenna Grace as kidnapped teenager Jan Broberg in ‘A Friend of the Family’

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McKenna Grace is channeling Jan Broberg in the first official look of the upcoming true-crime series a friend of the familyWhich is a painful story about a teenage girl who was kidnapped multiple times by the same man.

Set to premiere on October 6 on Peacock, showrunner and executive producer Nick Antosca’s limited series tells the unbelievable real story of how Jane and the Broberg family were manipulated by their trusted neighbor Robert Berchtold, who refrained from exploiting their parents. exploited them first. daughter against him

Apart from grace, a friend of the family Anna Paquin as Jane’s trusted mother, Mary Ann, with Colin Hanks as Jane’s big-hearted father, Bob, also with Jake Lacey as Robert and Leo Tipton as his respective wife, Gail will act.

a friend of the family

Peacock also shared a picture, along with Grace’s image as Jan white Lotus Actor as Robert.

The scripted saga, meanwhile, comes years after the Broberg family’s stranger-than-fiction story became a media sensation thanks to the Netflix documentary kidnapping in plain sight, In 2019, Jan, who is now 59 years old, spoke to ET about the circumstances in which she was abducted twice by the same man and how it happened.

“Beauty and manipulation are very subtle,” Jan said at the time. “We don’t think this kind of thing can happen to us and yet somewhere deep down, we’ve all been deceived or we all have some brush with someone who’s taking advantage of us to some degree.”

kidnapping in plain sight

“People don’t want to believe that they’re not seeing something in their family or in their circle or in their neighborhood, but that’s because we have prejudice,” she continued. “With someone we trust and love, we’re not going to see small, subtle warning signs because we don’t want to, first of all. So, that’s really the crux of that story.”

a friend of the family Premiere on October 6th Peacock,

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