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Watch Joe Jonas and Niall Horan go undercover and toast each other in cycling class (exclusive)

Watch Joe Jonas and Niall Horan go undercover and toast each other in cycling class (exclusive)

Boom! Roasted. Joe Jonas and Niall Horan didn’t hit the floor when they went undercover and toasted themselves hilariously in front of an unsuspecting cycling class.

The prank is part of the one-hour Netflix comedy special entitled The Jonas BrothersFamily roast. In this special prank, Jonas and Horan dress up with extravagant wigs, oversized candy-colored sunglasses and unusual cycling outfits.

Jonas and Horan are introduced to the class as guest teachers who audition for a job. Jonas runs out first and introduces himself as Steve before striking a crazy high octave while saying “So excited to be here!” cries. The former One Direction singer is next, introducing himself as Toby from Sydney, Australia. The English really comes into its own here because he removes the Australian accent!

After their intros it comes to serenity. While Jonas is doing his best as a cycling instructor, Horan is behind the scenes with Nick and Kevin Jonas feeding Joe one-liners.

Horan doesn’t hold back and tells Joe to blurt out, “I heard the Jonas Brothers aren’t even real brothers. Disney faked it. ”The class is instantly stunned and confused. Kevin’s next line for his brother Joe: “My friend went out with the one with the huge eyebrows. She said he was no good. “Ouch.

Some of the cyclists laugh half-heartedly while others seem beyond the shock of what is going on. All in all, good fun, and that’s the point of the Netflix special, which also features skits, songs, games, and special guests including Pete Davidson, Gabriel Iglesias, John Legend, and more.

The special ladies of the Jonas Brothers – Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Danielle Jonas and Sophie Turner – are also expected in the special. Saturday night liveThe host is Kenan Thompson.

In a recent preview clip released by Netflix, Davidson gave fans a glimpse of what’s to come after toasting the Jonas Brothers in his own unique way while rocking an “I <3 Jonas" t-shirt.

The family roast of the Jonas Brothers streaming on Netflix on November 23rd.


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