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Watch Chris Evans get herd by the puppies in the ‘Best Interview of My Life’

Chris Evans and a bunch of puppies. Nothing gets better than this!

light year The star tried her best (keyword, tried!) to conduct an interview with Buzzfeed Celeb But the actor couldn’t control his focus and enthusiasm, and that’s right. Yep, he was easily distracted by a bunch of puppies and older dogs as he tried his best to answer questions about his upcoming Disney Pixar movie.

the actor himself apologize on twitter adding that he was “honestly concerned that I didn’t answer any of the questions.” He continued, “All I can remember is apologizing so much for not paying attention.”

Evans, a devoted dog father to Dodger, however, took the time to underscore the importance of rescuing older dogs.

“I always thought that when I adopted a dog, or rescued a dog, it would be a small puppy,” he said. Buzzfeed Celeb, “Dodger was a full grown dog. It wasn’t the story I had in mind, but it was the best decision of my life. I think a lot of adult dogs and big dogs are overlooked, and that’s a shame The thing is .”

Devoted fans who follow Evan’s adventures on Instagram know that he adopted Dodger while shooting a movie in Savannah, Georgia. During National Rescue Day in May 2021, Evans said he was filming a scene at a dog shelter when he encountered Dodger.

“I had no intention of saving the dog that day, but as soon as I saw him, I knew he was coming home. [with] me,” wrote Evans in instagram caption,

Evans is a big proponent of rescuing older dogs. He Thank you Buzzfeed What she said was “Greatest. Interview. Ever” to allow her to bring in some older puppies.

The only downside to the interview is that Evans is now left wondering, “How can I ever go back to the regular interview???”

Here’s hoping he’s joking!

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