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Watch Cardi B and Teyana Taylor make chocolate treats with their ‘tough’ teacher (EXCLUSIVE)

Chocolate is sweeter than cooking, and no one knows that better now than Cardi B and Teyana Taylor, who learned firsthand during the rapper’s latest episode Cardi tries__ series on messenger

The plan was for the rapper and singer to learn the process of making chocolate under the tutelage of chocolatier Chris Harvey of famed and Sons Chocolatiers in Beverly Hills, California. When it was all said and done, Cardi and Teyana had to bring their famous husbands (rapper Offset and former NBA player Iman Shumpert) chocolate treats before Father’s Day. Doing so was easier said than done.

ET has a glimpse of the lesson, as Chris helps the cast with the process of creating a chocolate bonbon in the form of Cardi’s iconic nail look. As she grabs a device, Cardi is reminded of a tattoo gun, prompting Chris to react with “the same thought”.

Teyana cheers for her friend but it’s clear Cardi has a lot of room for improvement. When Chris has Cardi try again, he even offers some advice, “Just the tip,” prompting Cardi and Teyana to laugh. Cardi ultimately does a better job, but it’s clear that nothing is easier than making chocolate.

“Making the chocolate is a little bit like yet messy, and our chef is a little strict,” says Cardi. “So it’s like, ‘Oh snap, I’m scared of myself.'”

Teyana agrees but she is not distracted. In fact, Teyana is so convinced that she has even come up with the name of her own company, should it work making chocolate treats. Fans can watch the full episode on Watch Together via Messenger and Instagram (in addition to Facebook Watch) when it streams Friday.

The “I Like It” rapper has so far tried to survive in the woods and even dabbled in country music for a bit with his friend, country star Jimmy Allen.

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