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Wasn’t it normal loss of life? They examine the death of Alejandro Iriarte, son of Maxine Woodside, as a homicide

  • They examine the death of Alejandro Iriate as alleged suicide or homicide
  • Maxine Woodside’s spouse assured that it had been because of to ‘natural causes’
  • Now they launch new proof that would exhibit usually

The dying of Maxine Woodside’s son is remaining investigated as a murder. The unexpected dying of the son of Mexican journalist Maxine Woodside has lifted a whole lot of suspicions, due to the fact it was only on November 10 that this unlucky information was introduced. The activities transpired due to afternoonUnivision reported.

Regardless of the simple fact that a colleague of the journalist confident that the fact that Alejandro Iriate experienced allegedly suffered a sudden heart attack had been only rumors, new theories have emerged about his loss of life, reawakening suspicions about an alleged suicide.

They look into the dying of Maxine Woodside’s son as a murder: The ‘mysterious’ farewell he left just before he died

Death of Maxine Woodside's son investigated as homicide

Alejandro Iriate Woodside, who died at the age of 55, posted a mysterious concept on his Fb account hrs right before his demise was declared. The message could be interpreted by several people as a ‘farewell’, because of to what was read through in it:

“To all of you for several years, I thank you incredibly much for your expressions of affection. For causes of pressure majeure I will close my social networks. It has been an remarkable experience, but anything has an finish and currently it is my turn to say goodbye. Thank you, thank you very significantly!” Reads the concept posted by Alejandro. Filed Beneath: Dying of Maxine Woodside’s son investigated as murder

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