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Was she a diva? Edith González imposed only one condition to work with Eduardo Palomo

Definitely, Edith González is one of the most beloved actresses on Mexican televisionbeing the protagonist of several soap operas in the 1980s and 1990s. In addition to creating a very special bond with his co-stars such as Eduardo Palomo and Fernando Colunga.

However, Edith González also had a bit of a “diva”, as confirmed by actor Sergio Catalán in an interview. Since she was one of the most successful actresses on television, she could give herself certain luxuries when working.

Nevertheless, the conditions that the actress imposed on the recording set, never caused any problem or inconvenient for her peers, and she even created great friendships in the cast she worked with, as they claimed that the actress had “an angel.”

This was the relationship between Edith González and Eduardo Palomo

As we know, Edith González and Eduardo Palomo met in the production Wild Heart a telenovela that was broadcast on Canal de las Estrellas in 1993, and it was a production that made Eduardo Palomo famous.

While Edith González was already a consolidated actress in the world of soap operas, this production was considered one of the most profitable telenovelas for Televisawith the participation of actors such as Ana Colchero, Ariel López Padilla and Claudia Islas, to name a few.

The chemistry that Edith González had with Eduardo Palomo was such that at that time it was thought that they had an affair. However, the actors clarified that they only had a great friendship, which lasted until the death of the actors.

What was the condition imposed by Edith González to work in soap operas?

Unlike other actresses, Edith González did not demand comfort like a dressing room for her alone or some special treatment. However, he attached a lot of importance to how he looked in front of the camera. and the final result of their scenes.

According to the staff who worked on the production of Wild Heart, Edith González asked the stagehands, illuminators and cameramen to take their time to position themselves and make sure she looked good in the frame.

“Whenever we arrived, we had to wait an hour or an hour and a half for the entire team to accommodate each of the cameras with Edith according to the requirements that Edith requested,” said Sergio Catalán.

Let us remember that the actor Sergio Catalán, was one of the companions in the cast of Corazón Salvaje, one of the most remembered soap operas of Edith González.

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